Example sentences of "[coord] it is well [verb] [that] " in BNC.

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1 Research shows that many debilitating diseases are often precipitated by stress , and it is well recognised that conditions like heart disease , gastric ulcers , mental illness , colitis , hypertension , skin disorders and several others have their origin in stressful situations .
2 And it is well known that , being required to prepare designs for a useless and costly object by one of our leading nobility , long since deceased , one of princely fortune , but who had an extravagant passion for building , he purposely appealed to the son to advise his father to give the intention ’ .
3 And it is well known that children who have been read to in their preschool years have a general advantage when the learning of reading begins .
4 2.35 In claims for the death of an infant child there is rarely any actual dependency but there might be prospective loss and it is well established that prospective loss is sufficient to found a claim by the parents .
5 But it is well known that the provision of advice services nationally is uneven and as the best.known generalist advice agency , the CAB feels that it would be failing the wider community if it did not consider what barriers may be preventing people from approaching a CAB for advice .
6 It is questionable whether the spaying of cows was widely practised at that time , but it is well known that London dairymen were only interested in a continuous milk supply .
7 But it is well known that there is a prejudice against awarding the bigger gongs to those who have fled England : especially for Switzerland .
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