Example sentences of "[coord] it is now [verb] [that] " in BNC.

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1 Obviously , it does not suddenly become safe to steepen the climb at a certain height , and it is now recognised that the angle should be progressively steepened .
2 And it is now recognised that the great mountain chains are always found on the side of the continental plate facing the direction of its drift .
3 Far dimmer and simpler than ours , but they certainly exist , and it is now recognised that they can and do suffer from stress .
4 In the past thirty years , astrophysicists have discovered dust clouds , radio signals , X-rays , electric and magnetic fields in supposedly empty space , and it is now realised that there is as much energy/matter between the stars as there is contained in them and in all the planets as well .
5 The decision is likely to postpone a hearing on the charges for many months and it is now thought that the case could eventually be heard in Milan instead of Turin .
6 The Clean Air Act of 1970 set out to create a healthy atmosphere for the population within less than a decade , but even by the 1990s this has not been achieved and it is now expected that some urban areas will not achieve healthy air until well into the next century .
7 ‘ Trials have been conducted in the UK which have proved successful and it is now proposed that commercial cultivation should be permitted in appropriate circumstances , ’ he added .
8 First , non-response was high and it is now known that , as a category , non-respondents are often very different in a number of relevant respects from those who do respond .
9 It was for many years claimed to be the earliest example of the true arch in Europe , but it is now recognised that it was constructed in the sixth century as an open drain and that it was only roofed over with its present stone vault of three concentric rings of radiating voussoirs in 184 B.C. Its exit into the Tiber can still be seen in Rome near the Ponte Rotto ( 68 ) .
10 The migrating larval stages in large numbers may cause a transient pneumonia , but it is now recognised that many cases of so-called " Ascaris pneumonia " may be attributable to other infections , or to piglet anaemia .
11 Some pessimists have calculated that enormous exercise workouts would be needed in order to achieve even modest weight loss , but it is now recognized that exercise does effectively help to burn up calories by speeding up the body 's metabolic rate for some time afterwards .
12 ( Some 15 other states where the Moral Majority are by no means the silent majority , had hoped to pass similar laws , but it is now assumed that the case will go to appeal and eventually reach the Supreme Court ) .
13 But it is now argued that the increased radiation would be no more than the existent difference between the poles and the equator .
14 It used to be argued that turbulence was necessary to ensure the oxygenation of the water and the continuation of the food supply , but it is now thought that the main role of turbulence is in getting rid of excess carbon dioxide .
15 Hyenas have always been thought of as scavengers but it is now known that they are also vigorous nocturnal hunters .
16 The details of the legend 's growth are obscure , but it is now known that it was developing steadily in northern Spain and southern France in the centuries between the eighth and the eleventh .
17 This was a time of panic , in which one farmer alleged that a thousand of his sheep had been killed by these parrots ; but it is now known that they rarely kill sheep .
18 Until quite recently it was considered that it was the crust that attained equilibrium with respect to the mantle , but it is now known that isostatic adjustments also involve the rigid mantle forming the lower part of the lithosphere .
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