Example sentences of "[coord] it is [adv] know [that] " in BNC.

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1 For example , there is growing evidence showing the relationship between poor housing conditions and poor health , both physical and mental , ’ and it is also known that poor housing adversely affects educational attainment , and that overcrowded conditions can lead to domestic tension and perhaps violence .
2 And it is well known that , being required to prepare designs for a useless and costly object by one of our leading nobility , long since deceased , one of princely fortune , but who had an extravagant passion for building , he purposely appealed to the son to advise his father to give the intention ’ .
3 And it is well known that children who have been read to in their preschool years have a general advantage when the learning of reading begins .
4 First , non-response was high and it is now known that , as a category , non-respondents are often very different in a number of relevant respects from those who do respond .
5 They could obtain compass information from the sun and stars , and it is indeed known that some seasonal migrators follow stellar patterns ; stellar orientation has been particularly well studied in the indigo bunting , a bird that inhabits North America .
6 Sir , the pond in D thirty nine has been shown to be a breeding place for the Great Crested Newt , but it is also known that it migrates to other ponds , several others , but does not necessarily breed there , but chooses at Skelton .
7 The National Trust is currently undertaking a structural survey which will reveal the full scale of the damage , but it is already known that extensive harm has been done to the brickwork , windows and terrace .
8 But it is well known that the provision of advice services nationally is uneven and as the best.known generalist advice agency , the CAB feels that it would be failing the wider community if it did not consider what barriers may be preventing people from approaching a CAB for advice .
9 It is questionable whether the spaying of cows was widely practised at that time , but it is well known that London dairymen were only interested in a continuous milk supply .
10 But it is well known that there is a prejudice against awarding the bigger gongs to those who have fled England : especially for Switzerland .
11 Hyenas have always been thought of as scavengers but it is now known that they are also vigorous nocturnal hunters .
12 The details of the legend 's growth are obscure , but it is now known that it was developing steadily in northern Spain and southern France in the centuries between the eighth and the eleventh .
13 This was a time of panic , in which one farmer alleged that a thousand of his sheep had been killed by these parrots ; but it is now known that they rarely kill sheep .
14 Until quite recently it was considered that it was the crust that attained equilibrium with respect to the mantle , but it is now known that isostatic adjustments also involve the rigid mantle forming the lower part of the lithosphere .
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