Example sentences of "[coord] it is [adv] [verb] [that] " in BNC.

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1 D The seller sells as beneficial owner but the seller transfer to the buyer shall contain the following proviso : " Provided Always and it is hereby agreed that the covenants which are implied by the seller transferring as beneficial owner shall not be deemed to imply or warrant that the lessee 's covenants contained in the lease for decoration or repairs have been observed . "
2 The IT industry has been subject to rapid development in recent years and it is confidently expected that this trend will continue .
3 It can now be seen as a deliberate political reaction to the earlier building , and it is even recorded that on its completion in 537 Justinian promised God that he himself had ‘ vanquished Solomon . ’
4 However , segregation of walkers from vehicles provides the greatest safety along routes where vehicle traffic is heavy and it is increasingly realised that this is an appropriate solution too where pedestrian flows are concentrated , such as in central shopping areas .
5 That view — first expressed six years ago — has now been given effect , and it is universally accepted that students are denied housing benefit and , in the majority of cases , housing support .
6 Today the functions of a local authority almost invariably involve the expenditure of money and it is clearly established that a local authority may not spend money unless it has statutory authority to do so .
7 For example , there is growing evidence showing the relationship between poor housing conditions and poor health , both physical and mental , ’ and it is also known that poor housing adversely affects educational attainment , and that overcrowded conditions can lead to domestic tension and perhaps violence .
8 Rumours abound ; it is said that Bonnie Prince Charlie stayed here after his defeat in 1745 , and it is also suggested that the house was a centre of smuggling as it stands a mere hundred yards from the head of the Solway Firth .
9 All posts are subject to the local government superannuation scheme and it is widely acknowledged that this is one of the most attractive schemes offered anywhere .
10 The one-year course is only to lay down the foundations of good technical training — and it is widely recognised that the course simply pushes the student into the profession with enough practical experience to find his or her feet .
11 IBM now has 13 autonomous business units , with nine focused on specific product lines , and it is widely suggested that some of these need heavyweight industry veterans to run them effectively .
12 The household is often treated as a unit of consumption , and it is frequently assumed that all members of a household have equal access to its resources .
13 Research shows that many debilitating diseases are often precipitated by stress , and it is well recognised that conditions like heart disease , gastric ulcers , mental illness , colitis , hypertension , skin disorders and several others have their origin in stressful situations .
14 And it is well known that , being required to prepare designs for a useless and costly object by one of our leading nobility , long since deceased , one of princely fortune , but who had an extravagant passion for building , he purposely appealed to the son to advise his father to give the intention ’ .
15 And it is well known that children who have been read to in their preschool years have a general advantage when the learning of reading begins .
16 2.35 In claims for the death of an infant child there is rarely any actual dependency but there might be prospective loss and it is well established that prospective loss is sufficient to found a claim by the parents .
17 This mode is carried forward from the 1954 Convention , and it is expressly provided that ‘ if exceptional circumstances so require ’ diplomatic channels may be used for the same purpose .
18 And it is surely time that the relatively under-resourced areas of England had a fairer allocation of resources to help fight their manifestly worse health and survival chances .
19 The risks involved are thus extremely high , and it is generally recognised that close management control of these companies by the venture capital funds in necessary , as compared with the more remote approach of investors on the Stock Exchange .
20 The celebrated Wasp Pendant ( Figure 28 ) came from a rich burial at Mallia , and it is generally believed that at least some of the Aigina Treasure — found at Aigina , but of unknown provenance — came from Mallia too .
21 Although some NMR studies have shown that it is possible to bind two actinomycin molecules to the tetranucleotide GCGC [ 29 ] , binding of the second molecule is highly anticooperative and it is generally believed that the exclusion site size for actinomycin , under normal conditions , is at least 4 base pairs [ 1 ] .
22 Rape is only held to have been committed in English law where the sexual intercourse is ‘ unlawful ’ , and it is generally assumed that the function of that term is to remove non-consensual intercourse between a man and his wife from the ambit of rape .
23 On the other hand the EEC Nine produces only 64% of its consumption of sheep meat and it is generally assumed that the UK with approximately 25% of the EEC sheep flock and as the leading producer of 50% of Community production is well placed to reap some advantage which could be of benefit to the hills and upland areas .
24 Lampreys and hagfishes lack a differentiated stomach , and it is generally assumed that all agnathans were similarly microphagous with no need for a stomach .
25 Myths abound in the heroin community as to the meaning of ‘ notification ’ and ‘ registration ’ and it is generally assumed that all ‘ official ’ agencies are in league with one another .
26 Most experts think normal cells probably have to undergo several mutations in order to become cancerous ; and it is generally suspected that the mouse cells — a laboratory line known as NIH 3T3 cells — have already undergone numerous mutations and are hovering on the brink of becoming cancerous .
27 Most young people in Britain grow up in families , and it is generally acknowledged that the family plays an important part in the development of the future adult .
28 In 1912 Edison introduced the compatible ‘ Blue Amberol ’ records made of an even tougher plastic ; and it is generally accepted that Blue Amberols had a better , higher fidelity performance than any other medium before the First World War .
29 Consumer public relations depends on using to the full this part of the media and it is generally accepted that any consultant working in this field will have contacts within the appropriate media .
30 And it is generally felt that traffic will get heavier when the new A3 Petersfield bypass opens .
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