Example sentences of "[coord] it [is] also [verb] [that] " in BNC.

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1 And it 's also known that breastmilk has a special value for babies most vulnerable to infection , for example those born ill or premature .
2 For example , there is growing evidence showing the relationship between poor housing conditions and poor health , both physical and mental , ’ and it is also known that poor housing adversely affects educational attainment , and that overcrowded conditions can lead to domestic tension and perhaps violence .
3 Rumours abound ; it is said that Bonnie Prince Charlie stayed here after his defeat in 1745 , and it is also suggested that the house was a centre of smuggling as it stands a mere hundred yards from the head of the Solway Firth .
4 But it is also believed that such cellular circulation develops on smooth coasts with uniform offshore bottom topography .
5 But it is also emphasized that professional competence is not something that can or should be taken for granted , and that the intimate knowledge of the carer-counsellor can often be as useful as the most vaunted professional .
6 Sir , the pond in D thirty nine has been shown to be a breeding place for the Great Crested Newt , but it is also known that it migrates to other ponds , several others , but does not necessarily breed there , but chooses at Skelton .
7 But it 's also fears that the Party itself is becoming too radical too , they always want to control two elements and I mean on the last page , point number sixteen it says that how that erm tt that how that the Communist Party members ought to refrain from securing undue benefits by taking advantage of their leading position .
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