Example sentences of "[coord] [noun sg] of [noun] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 The purpose of the current investigation is to show a possible binding or uptake of PT-gliadin in the enterocytes , and to compare the handling of the components between coeliac patients and controls .
2 At a phenomenal level , what happens here can be described by saying that it is as if your perceptual mechanisms became fatigued by some salient characteristic of the adapting stimulus — its orientation or periodicity in the case of Figure 9 , or direction of movement in the case of the motion after-effect .
3 ( c ) Accreditation , i.e. proficiency certification often in some way a summary " or measure of achievement on the course of instruction and often used for selection purposes , or to acknowledge success .
4 They were composed of three members : a chairman and two members , one a representative of workers , the other drawn from a panel of persons appearing ‘ to have knowledge or experience of conditions in the area to which the panel relates and of the problems of people living on low incomes ’ .
5 Members are appointed by the President from those considered to ‘ have knowledge or experience of conditions in the area and to be representative of persons living or working in the area ’ ( Social Security Act 1975 , Sched. 10 , para. ( 2 ) ) .
6 ( 6 ) Forecasts The insurance policies are only really intended to cover liability for accident or misstatement of fact by the vendor .
7 ‘ Subject to sections 7 and 8 below , a person who has become a rehabilitated person for the purposes of this Act in respect of a conviction shall be treated for all purposes in law as a person who has not committed or been charged with or prosecuted for or convicted of or sentenced for the offence or offences which were the subject of that conviction ; and , notwithstanding the provisions of any other enactment or rule of law to the contrary , but subject as aforesaid —
8 The guardian may produce any copy he takes in his report or when he gives evidence and it will be admissible regardless of any enactment or rule of law to the contrary ( s42(2) ( 3 ) ) .
9 I find it almost impossible to accept that such an injury … could have occurred without extensive bruising and swelling of the nose and probably fracture or disruption of structures within the nose and associated tissues . ’
10 This method caused an immediate necrosis of the entire thickness of gastric wall under the area of acetic acid application ( about 28 mm ) but without perforation or penetration of ulcers to the surrounding organs as in the original technique .
11 With the aim of clarification , medical epidemiologists have introduced the impairment/disability/handicap triad : loss of function or loss of part of the body ( impairment ) leads to difficulty with the tasks of daily living ( disability ) , resulting in economic and social disadvantage ( handicap ) .
12 A closed system is a system in which there is no net gain or loss of matter in the system .
13 In the main , the college has produced little radical comment or research of note during the four decades of its existence , for the various chief officers have jealously ensured that any consolidation of ideological excellence at this location has been neutered , and under Home Office direction its senior courses have primarily been used to provide a stream of suitably acquiescent candidates for the ACPO ranks , who readily take on the symbols and metaphors of dominance which feed the appetite for power Stead warns against .
14 Having registered at the reception desk they went to their room and found a notice which purported to exempt the hotel for liability for the loss or theft of property from the rooms .
15 Where the bottom is weedy ( ordinary soft weed , not algae ) you can incorporate a cork or piece of polystyrene into the feeder to keep it on top of the weed ( see Fig. 3 ) .
16 When dry , thread a ribbon or piece of string through the hole and your decoration is ready to hand on the wall .
17 30 cooks , nearly all men , were attending a sort of food summit in Paris called le Club des Chefs des Chefs , or Club of Chefs to the Chiefs , founded in 1977 .
18 Of course if there is a social structure so simple that the only ‘ source of law ’ is legislation , the rule of recognition will simply specify enactment as the unique identifying mark or criterion of validity of the rules …
19 But the company 's Canadian parent , The Thomson Corporation , lost ground on its publishing side after providing for the sale or closure of titles in the UK and north America .
20 For instance , you could arrange a garland or archway of flowers around the words , or even just a rectangular border and still create the designs in each corner .
21 For Lord Strathclyde , the then agriculture minister , his private secretary wrote : ‘ Lord Strathclyde does not consider that it would be appropriate for the Scottish Office to be directly involved in the commissioning or management of investigations of the type suggested in the consultant 's report . ’
22 From the first suspicion or disclosure of abuse to the criminal trial of the alleged perpetrator , children pass through a spectrum of services and professionals .
23 Depending on the likely cost of redundancies and the scale or likelihood of claims by the vendor 's employees relating to their past relations with the vendor , the purchaser may wish to negotiate a contribution from the vendor or a reduction in the price .
24 External economic changes would seem to have a specific and localised impact on businesses within the particular sectors most immediately affected : neither the Big Bang nor the Crash has necessarily triggered off either an expansion or diminution of headhunting across the board in British companies generally .
25 There can often be a poor correlation between acid reflux and the degree or type of damage to the oesophagus ; for example , there is not significant difference between the extent and patterns of reflux in patients with severe oesophagitis and those who have developed Barrett 's oesophagus .
26 14.6.92 The Last Chapter or Ending of Lord of the Flies .
27 The data suggested that the appreciable hypocholesterolaemia observed was not influenced by the pathological stage or degree of differentiation of the tumour .
28 As more data accumulate it may turn out that there are in fact subtle differences and that these relate to the presence or degree of sinistrality in the patient 's family or to the position of the hand during writing ( see below ) .
29 It was a tiny observation port designed to give a view in an emergency of level of water or degree of fire in the engine room beyond .
30 kurtosis or degree of concentration of the grains to the central size .
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