Example sentences of "[coord] [verb] [pron] at [art] same " in BNC.

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1 And Glenn Close 's stubborn and pain-ridden performance as Sunny makes you sad for her and hate her at the same time .
2 It 's great to see those guys out here , giving pleasure and enjoying themselves at the same time .
3 Here you are trying to have your cake and eat it at the same time …
4 I needed to come up with a solution which avoided this overly defined focal point and used it at the same time .
5 ‘ You 're sending it and keeping it at the same time ? ’
6 They were watching her intently , with a look that disconcerted her and excited her at the same time .
7 All the other times were just a way of reminding myself of the realities and provoking you at the same time .
8 If I forgive you for being male and cruel and unreasonable , you must forgive me for being female and for carrying another man 's child and wanting you at the same time .
9 Other examples in the Renaissance include the malcontent who haunts the very power structure which has alienated him , seeking reinscription within it but at the same time demystifying it , operating within and subverting it at the same time ; the revengers whose actions constitute an even more violent bid for reinscription within the very society which has alienated and dispossessed them ; the assertive women , the ‘ women on top ’ described by Natalie Zemon Davis who simultaneously appropriate , exploit , and undermine masculine discourse .
10 Many other organisations are envious of all the In-Service training we provide , so do your best to support it and enjoy yourself at the same time !
11 I hope to show ways you can help heal our environment and enjoy yourself at the same time , regardless of your earning capacity , age , sex , sexual orientation , race , political ideology , whether you 're an individual , couple , group , family and whether you 're country-folk or a city-slicker .
12 A qualified instructor will demonstrate how to use equipment properly , how to get the best from your body and enjoy it at the same time .
13 Remember you can not receive a confrontation and give one at the same time .
14 Now this er of course was railway waggons and er when you started work you was put with a skilled man and i er it was his job to repair the waggons and teach you at the same time .
15 I needed more of the thinner timber , but I ca n't fetch , chop and feed it at the same time . ’
16 Everything seemed to be changing , and this excited and worried her at the same time : she thought about it so much that her face had a permanently screwed up , wondering look .
17 ‘ I 'm pleading with you and mocking myself at the same time : how can you bear to resist ? ’
18 Jeff had rung to tell her — and to tell her at the same time that Silvia had passed her exams with flying colours .
19 PAMELA : You oblige and improve me at the same time .
20 The girl in the conservatory reached out a hand and flicked the switch , lighting them the last few yards , and floodlighting herself at the same time .
21 Like some of your more illustrious colleagues ( Ron Atkinson , Graham Taylor , etc. ) , you have a tendency to say a lot but to say nothing at the same time .
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