Example sentences of "[vb past] [adv prt] at the same time " in BNC.

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1 Miguel must have rung the policĂ­a , because their car drew up at the same time as Miguel 's jeep .
2 But Anna did not talk to him , because Sarah came in at the same time .
3 Er , the figures in paragraph five are shown there , but we had a recognition of that additional duty , and a variety of other minor changes which I wo n't go into this morning , that came through at the same time .
4 If it is obvious that US policy towards Indo-China could not be considered in isolation from its policy towards the rest of Asia , it is even more obvious that the integration of US policy for Vietnam came about at the same time as the disintegration of its policy towards China : the most traumatic episode in US power-war policies in Asia , at least until the outbreak of the Korean war .
5 It so happened that on one of these Sundays my CO strolled by at the same time , and the AOC asked him why he had not seen Mahaddie for a pilot 's course .
6 It was unfortunate that the Arab-Israeli war broke out at the same time and some overseas commentators took the presence of Canberras in this guise as proof of British participation in the war !
7 On the intellectual front , this unification went on at the same time that in the social history of science specialization was the order of the day .
8 Talk ought to go on , even if murder went on at the same time ; at the sideboard Twomey turned his back before he smiled .
9 never tell , a girl we know went over at the same time as he did got it this year .
10 Bit of a coincidence there , it went off at the same time as this ha as the tape stopped
11 We rolled up at the same time , I on my bike , the Parsons in their BMW .
12 We have an excellent reputation in Oxfordshire as an Education Authority erm and a reputation which extends around the country , so I do see it as a vote of confidence , and I am very pleased about it , but I do think that the whole exercise was somewhat premature in the light of the erm research and investigation that was going on into the tertiary college , and indeed the consulting process actually ran through at the same time as the campaign was running on whether the Banbury School should opt out , and erm regrettably I think has lost something as a result of having the two run together .
13 Another man who ran off at the same time , Stephen O'Mara , was yesterday still on the run .
14 A profound depression set in at the same time , despite the fact that she knew her bowel symptoms could now be controlled quite easily .
15 These authorities are presided over by the National Water Council , set up at the same time to be a central co-ordinating body to give advice on major matters of policy ( Times , 1978 ) .
16 He stood up at the same time as she did , and caught her as she made for the door .
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