Example sentences of "[vb past] [pers pn] at the same time " in BNC.

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1 ‘ I met them at the same time , ’ Tim recalls .
2 I needed to come up with a solution which avoided this overly defined focal point and used it at the same time .
3 One this girl traced my hand and I traced hers at the same time — I went very slowly , which triggered her ticklishness , and she laughed every time my pencil made it to the place between two of her fingers , but she was brave , she stayed put .
4 They were watching her intently , with a look that disconcerted her and excited her at the same time .
5 both , really I think they both hit you at the same time
6 The conclusion that there was not going to be any hit him at the same time as Rincewind , whirring wildly down the passage , kicked him sharply in the groin .
7 Saw them at the same time , change of address .
8 They saw him at the same time as he realised he had n't understood what the man had said .
9 Everything seemed to be changing , and this excited and worried her at the same time : she thought about it so much that her face had a permanently screwed up , wondering look .
10 She spotted us at the same time and after a long look , took her offspring and ambled away along the side of the mountain .
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