Example sentences of "[vb past] [conj] [pron] [vb past] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 Then later , couple of months later when we found that list checked that we understood what the list meant and we presented that list to our church meeting .
2 The right hon. and learned Gentleman nodded when I asked him the same question earlier , but he has not said how he will ensure fairness between schools and therefore , no discrimination against students with special needs .
3 Merrill protested as she handed him the file .
4 She thought that she knew who the lucky man might be , and it took all her strength of mind not to betray the dreadful emotions which merely thinking of him aroused in her .
5 He asked whether anyone knew who the woman was .
6 Mm , that 's right and they 've got all the hassle of the airport , mind you they ought to be able to get a local airport I do n't know who they 're going , going with , who the erm Gavin said , I think Gavin said or somebody said something the , the original company have gone bankrupt
7 Mr Howe said : ‘ It was the only chance Arsenal had and it won them the match . ’
8 ‘ See , I got to thinkin' about what the chink said when he showed you the firebombs .
9 Right , which is what we got when we did it the other way .
10 Celia 's patience snapped when he poured her the second glass of retsina .
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