Example sentences of "[adv] it be [noun] [prep] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Nevertheless , she declares she 's taking over as hostess — so obviously it 's time for me to leave . ’
2 So it is thanks to you for coming to these events and thanks to all who contributed to the organisation for between you all it was a most successful day .
3 So it 's part of you know , part of the the penalty if you like , of living in the flats .
4 right so it was kind of it was a religious accusation .
5 Soon it was time for him to return and it was arranged that Anne and Sarah who were both free would see him off at the station .
6 packing Friday on the way to mum Peter 's mum she told them she 's just in so much pain , she wants it doing so he 's gon na get in , I said , it 's poss that she 'll be in six days and probably off a few weeks after when she gets home it 's operation on her neck and shoulder they 're going to release the nerve they reckon it 's it 's a she told them and do what they will with it .
7 Exactly , but also it was food for them .
8 Now it is time for us to part , alas , alas !
9 Those are my plans for the future , now it 's time for you to air your views . ’
10 Now it was time for our first venture out ; luckily the yard was situated amidst very quiet roads , and my husband John had been loaned a schoolmaster called Paddy to act as escort .
11 well it 's part of it really
12 Well it 's E times itself nought point three times .
13 Well it was part of their course I think , I , they did n't they paid the full cost of it , they contributed a bit , but I think Colin stood
14 Leonora knew perfectly well it was time for her to grovel , but found it difficult to make a start .
15 economically it 's changes in it .
16 Maybe it is time for me to get angry and fight back at those who are fighting me , ’ she said .
17 Then it is time for it to find a suitable spot to turn into a chrysalis .
18 We will return to Royston for a while but then it 's Scotland for me and France for you .
19 Irene Daniels , who 's the programme 's researcher says ‘ if you have a clip that makes you and your family laugh , then it 's odds on it 'll make other people laugh too ’ .
20 Of course then it 's shame for them .
21 Then it was time for me to attend the evening reception on Britania .
22 The half-hour eventually crawled round , then it was time for me to go and get ready .
23 Then it was time for my paper-round , followed by school .
24 Well it 's certainly clear that some of the companies , for instance Cliffhanger , which have grown in Brighton and developed Brighton as a base , are not just immensely popular within Brighton , but also very popular when we take them out on tour , or when they offer their services to other venues in other parts of East Sussex or Kent , and this is equally true of some of the community orientated groups , some of the musicians and artists who live and work primarily in Brighton erm their talent is readily appreciable throughout the region and therefore it 's part of our tactics to talk to artists who are operating in the Brighton area and see whether they 're willing or interested in taking some of their work out to other parts of the region .
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