Example sentences of "[adv] [verb] [pron] [prep] the same " in BNC.

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1 Sean recalled : ‘ I suddenly found myself on the same side as the shark and got out of the water as fast as I could .
2 Vasquez argues that the work carried out by Behaviouralists was based on three central assumptions of Realism , which together put them in the same broad camp .
3 So design one on the same scale as the backcloth .
4 One of his bands are at the Paprika tonight ; they are called Dance Lance and they consist of three limber , head-shaven , androgynous boys who all knight themselves with the same name , which is Ron .
5 Since then , communism has fallen , and his once-faithful compatriots will no longer welcome him with the same fervour when he arrives for his fourth visit on June 1st .
6 So I wo n't go through the rest of it , it 's a long and er it 's just brought us on the same sort of thing , but what it proves is that we are getting somewhere and that is what I thought was rather important news , which I want to do .
7 Do you just have it at the same time ?
8 There was no yardage chart in those days , but I worked out very quickly that Arnold was two clubs stronger than me , so I just put myself in the same situation and added on two clubs .
9 Their children have grown up , perhaps left home and , however much they may love their parents , they no longer need them in the same way .
10 Elected by the STV an MP would soon find himself under the same necessity as his Irish counterpart to maximize his local popularity at all costs .
11 Well we usually change them into the same thing do n't we if we 're going to add them .
12 That was going to be in May so we needed it to ship in April so I said , well you 've got to you 've got to still finish it at the same time .
13 I could get tired of even roulette if I always played it in the same place . ’
14 Well I do n't see how , all you 've got to do is turn it upside down , you could still run it through the same way
15 Okay , just about it now Okay , gon na ask each group what marks they 've given and why , now it 's not for the other team to justify it because it 's all a subjective thing but the thing is we 're hopefully marking them against the same criteria as everybody else because we 've all been in the same place and listened to the same things and read the same things , however , now we know obviously it does n't necessarily mean that everybody 's taken in the same things .
16 People will still receive them at the same time the story appears in the newspaper .
17 She has to have it and my nan always puts them in the same
18 He had always delivered her to the same spot .
19 ‘ I feel very angry that you always see me in the same negative way .
20 Much of this music has no other recording — and none of it on the harp , and King plays it with rare strength , sensitivity and the conviction of one who is also inventing it as the same time — and is delighted by his own trouvailles .
21 you probably got them from the same place .
22 Schools may , and often do , challenge society , but they can not avoid also reflecting it in the same way as revolutionaries normally rebel only against some of the characteristics of a society — others they have internalized too deeply .
23 We will also insure you in the same way following an accident involving any trailer while attached to your motor cycle .
24 Er a similar cautious approach which none of them took yesterday when on examination it was found that there was more potential there than before , erm so to help with the figures I have found very helpful erm appendix eight to the er York City Council erm statement , I think it appears in both of their statements appendix eight Greater York housing provision sorry , could could I also direct you at the same time to the County Council 's N Y five appendix three now the , the two make interesting comparisons because they both start of with the same H one proposal of nine thousand seven hundred dwellings , and I 'll remind you there , sir , that only five thousand seven hundred of those are required by the existing population , four thousand of those are for migrants , and the two schedules go of in slightly different directions under the heading of completions , and the reason for that , sir , is that the the Greater York , the er County Council 's figures , as you can see were computed in October nineteen ninety two when only seven hundred dwellings had been completed , yet six months later , under item C for the Greater York er housing provision figure , York Ci York City Council figures , the completions were one thousand and sixty three .
25 So you could , yeah , you 've got his telephone number anyway , so you can also phone him at the same time .
26 I do n't think you can both stir it at the same time .
27 Brutus also says that he will also kill himself with the same sword as he killed Caesar with , when the country wishes him to .
28 Instead he had relentlessly bombarded her with the same questions .
29 But he added : ‘ It is not evident that most of our partners often perceive us in the same constructive light as we see ourselves . ’
30 He withdrew all charges against them and immediately re-charged them with the same ones .
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