Example sentences of "[adv] [pron] be [noun] for [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Perhaps there 's hope for me yet , he thought as he unrolled the fillet on the cutting board .
2 Suddenly there was work for everybody and the deaf community took full advantage of this change of climate , as reported in the 1944 annual report : The effect of the war on industry has given the deaf and dumb opportunities such as they had never enjoyed for many years and it is with great pleasure that the committee places on record the excellent work the deaf Have done .
3 Obviously there are issues for which the pondering of moral principles will from the start play a much bigger part than the one which confronts the traveller .
4 ‘ Nevertheless , she declares she 's taking over as hostess — so obviously it 's time for me to leave . ’
5 Soon it was time for him to return and it was arranged that Anne and Sarah who were both free would see him off at the station .
6 Nonetheless there are titles for which more than one source of information needs to be consulted — either because the titles are borderline choices , and/or because one source does not give all the information needed .
7 Where members find it difficult to access courses , seminars , etcetera there is scope for them to organise their own structured discussion groups within their work-place or locality , perhaps using television programmes or videos to provide the structure Subject matter : Technical and regulatory aspects ( knowledge and application ) ; and development of interpersonal and management skills .
8 Exactly , but also it was food for them .
9 ( Now there 's honesty for you ! ) .
10 Now there 's confidence for you , assuming that if anybody gets hurt it wo n't be you .
11 Now there are calls for him to resign .
12 Now it is time for us to part , alas , alas !
13 Those are my plans for the future , now it 's time for you to air your views . ’
14 Now it was time for our first venture out ; luckily the yard was situated amidst very quiet roads , and my husband John had been loaned a schoolmaster called Paddy to act as escort .
15 Leonora knew perfectly well it was time for her to grovel , but found it difficult to make a start .
16 Maybe it is time for me to get angry and fight back at those who are fighting me , ’ she said .
17 Then it is time for it to find a suitable spot to turn into a chrysalis .
18 We will return to Royston for a while but then it 's Scotland for me and France for you .
19 Of course then it 's shame for them .
20 Then it was time for me to attend the evening reception on Britania .
21 The half-hour eventually crawled round , then it was time for me to go and get ready .
22 Then it was time for my paper-round , followed by school .
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