Example sentences of "[noun prp] and [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 We now retrace our steps to Ponta do Sol and back up onto the road and continue along to Canhas .
2 I waved to Didier and walked on between the pollarded limes .
3 He nodded at Corbett and walked out of the hall .
4 At midday we reached Garrigues and piled out of the trucks to set up all our equipment in the farm building ; it was better appointed than the one at Canjuers , and there was running water , lavatories , sinks and beds .
5 They walked down under the archway of trees to the Littles ' cottage , stood outside the gate chatting to Zach and carried on down the lane .
6 Mitchell is amongst those who argue against Firestone and hold out for the continuing relevance of Freud 's work .
7 She bent and kissed Dionne and slammed out of the flat .
8 We dress up like bit-part players in an epic on Scott and go out into the night where the air bites clean and deep , and the snow crunches in that beautiful cold way .
9 When the explosions eased off a bit , I bade farewell to Pat and got out of the big house as quickly as possible .
10 A wide semicircle of Germans and Repubblichini formed on the edge of the pianura near Parma and moved up towards the mountains , looting and burning villages ; some times shooting in the air to spread terror and sometimes hanging or deporting the inhabitants .
11 Looking at City at Southampton on Saturday and thinking back to the Everton sides that twice won the championship , Kendall appears just the man to implant the discipline and experience needed around some otherwise exciting talent .
12 With Rex and Woodchip out of the picture and the forces of darkness set loose upon the land , how can we fail ?
13 Twenty minutes later they were on their way , the three of them piling into the big black Mercedes and heading back to the railway station .
14 Most people through that the four would join Rory Underwood and Simon Halliday and bow out at the top , having achieved the historic second Grand Slam .
15 ‘ Be our guest , ’ said Noolan and went back into the social room leaving the large figure , head wreathed in cigarette smoke , seated at the top of the big committee sized table .
16 She turned her back on Simon and walked off into the sand dunes .
17 ( In a letter to the Zoological Society written on 10 May and read out at the scientific meeting in London on 8 October , Gould described 19 new species , 13 of which he stated he had received from Dr Bynoe of the Beagle . )
18 I suspect the answer lies in the demographic changes of the 1980s , which showed a substantial and unexpected in-migration to Scotland , on the same scale and pattern as the ‘ incomers ’ to Wales who were selling off expensive property in south east England and settling down on the proceeds .
19 " But my mistresses go home to their husbands for Christmas , and although I could stay at the Covington-Pyms and ride out with the hunt on Boxing Day morning , and call round at the Moons on my way back to cheer up poor Marie …
20 Nicholas it is in front , in front of Amigamanore and racing up towards the line , and it 's Nicholas , the maestro is back , he 's come back with that Nicholas .
21 The Nene rises one mile west of Badby and flows on through the County , passing Peterborough and on to the Wash , 110 miles away .
22 It is also a serious setback for hopes of reinstating passenger trains on the line to go beyond Redmire to Hawes and link up with the Settle-Carlisle line .
23 It was well over a year since his sister had married Dunbar and gone off to the West Indies , where , according to her spasmodic letters , she was having ‘ an utterly marvellous ’ time .
24 Rip Torn , who was first choice for the part that Nicholson eventually played had finally rejected the pleadings of Fonda and Hopper and pulled out of the project .
25 I never really listened to The Beatles and looked out for the guitar , I 'd just listen to the song as a whole .
26 Icelandic Poppies ( P. nudicaule ) are perennials best treated as biennials sown in July and planted out in the autumn for flowering from early Spring .
27 She had arranged to lunch with friends at the Lion d'Or at Cologny and call in to the clinic afterwards to see one or two patients .
28 He said something to the Feldwebel and went out of the room .
29 On seeking to patent his process , Castner discovered that a similar patent had been lodged in Germany by Karl Kellner and made over to the powerful Solvay Company in Belgium .
30 He could go to Ireland and join up with the Republican Army , and carry on the fight his father … no , not his father , but the man he loved as a father … had started .
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