Example sentences of "[noun prp] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 That was what he meant to Mrs Sairellen Thackray as she served him the first of her good dinners of boiled beef and potatoes and onions towards which the town 's Chartists had all made their contributions .
2 I was just home from Germany and he asked me the way .
3 There are lots of ways to walk to Fort William if that 's what you fancy , except now one of them is littered with lots of wooden posts with painted thistles , and hundreds of people trudging about who never thought of walking to Fort William until someone gave them the West Highland Way guide book for their Christmas .
4 I told her I 'd be in the Maple Leaf in Covent Garden until about nine , then down in Fulham and I gave her the address of the party and told her to ask for Louise .
5 His name was Edward Greenwood , and as they all sat down , he said , ‘ I 've heard all about you from Helen and I wish you the best of luck .
6 Tom and I saw it the other day , ’ she was saying .
7 And she called me later , and said , ‘ Excuse me , but I just talked to Fred and I told him the story , and he 's invited you to tea tomorrow at his house . ’
8 When she decided , with the rest of the children , to go to Waco Monday and they told me the Sunday .
9 That 's life , on Vadinamia , as I said to Mala when I told her the news .
10 Erm , Philip or somebody gave me the level premium .
11 When Victor and I gave them the slip at Victoria station they knew we were onto them .
12 But in the Edwardian love story , Howards End , her co-star is Sir Anthony Hopkins and it gives her the chance to shrug off the Olivier/Leigh and Burton/Taylor labels she and Branagh have collected .
13 Police were told and tailed Newall but he gave them the slip and fled from Britain on a yacht he inherited from his parents , a court in Gibraltar heard .
14 ‘ They knew I had insurance because I took it out with the TSB when they gave me the loan . ’
15 I 'd been to see my great-aunt 's solicitors in Glasgow and they gave me the keys .
16 well it 's the next door neighbour and they said it 's alive and I asked Jayne cos I said what the , hospital , yeah cos like it , it 's that neighbour , well it 's a neighbour
17 He got out of the planes coming , we , we was coming over from de Laborgie and you give him the needle and I had to lead him off the lead him off the plane , and going down over the chimneys in Chantilly to landu Laborgie he goes , woo ooh ooh , getting ready you know .
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