Example sentences of "[pers pn] might [adv] have a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 If I get too tired I might just have a lie down and have a little kip .
2 I might even have a go at Muslim fundamentalists and have a copy of the Satanic Verses there . ’
3 I realized that I might actually have a sin .
4 And then thought : I might still have a title .
5 Why , it was almost indecent — she might even have a kid .
6 Or you might even have a home visit from your midwife to recheck your blood pressure away from the crowded scene of a busy antenatal clinic .
7 What you can do is list all the people down here and then you might have a skills matrix you might also have a product knowledge matrix yeah ?
8 You might then have a working dinner with a business speaker .
9 We might even have a copy of it .
10 Steer away from bloody television and we might still have a fighting chance .
11 ( cut to ) It might also have a cancer killing effect .
12 it might just have a bit here
13 And the way things were it might never have a name or a life of its own .
14 When she glanced at him again he looked very grim and she wondered if she should have told Mitch that he might well have a lot of opportunity to photograph Spain — on foot as he walked back to Málaga .
15 WHILE Craig Chalmers revealed in this paper earlier this week that he might just have a chance of being put on standby for the forthcoming British Lions tour , he is now more upbeat about the prospects of that happening .
16 Nobody wanted to stroke a Gnome , except perhaps another Gnome , He thought he might just have a word with Caspar to see if Fenella could be brought along to his , Inchbad 's , bed that very night .
17 Hilary Seymour-Strachey had readily agreed , for , though he had not his brother 's absorbing and exclusive interest in money — still , he always had a use for it , and the thought was beginning to occur to him that he might soon have a woman and child to support , in addition to himself .
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