Example sentences of "[pers pn] 'll just [verb] [art] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 I 'll just feel the cervix , ’ she said , and as Yvette became aware of the gentle examination , she opened her eyes and gave a doleful little whimper .
2 Yeah , I 'll just do an order for the stores .
3 OK , I 'm not doing those , I 'll just do the tea
4 I 'll just go an lock me door then .
5 I 'll just leave the meat .
6 I 'll just set the scene for the others in that he 's er fifty five is n't he ?
7 No I 'll just go and , I 'll just quickly clean erm I 'll just set the camera up that 's all .
8 Thanks and I 'll just outline the background to the figures that has just presented to you .
9 I 'll just give the front step a scrub .
10 I think I 'll just give the hospital a ring and then I 'll go up to bed . ’
11 And er that they they still , even when I have to do things , which are not very erm happy either for me or for them , erm I 'll just give the example of removing a child from
12 no , just make , I 'll just make a way through that 's all I want .
13 Fine , can you bear with me for five seconds while I 'll just make a phone call ?
14 Right I 'll just make a note of that .
15 And I 'll just make the rest of the with salad in .
16 Whilst the , the London Region speakers come into the rostra I 'll just make the point , Peggy in fact is only the third women that 's spoken this morning .
17 I 'll just switch the oven off .
18 I say I 'll just unplug the wall .
19 I 'll just brush the dust off
20 Her favourite line was Bernhardt 's , and this she copied into the front of each of the eighteen notebooks , at least the five of them that I still have ; Oh well , I 'll just buy the theatre .
21 ‘ I 'd like to get an early night , so I 'll just grab a sandwich back at the hotel . ’
22 I 'll just turn the cow out , ’ Jinny muttered .
23 Yeah , that 's right , I 'll just pop the kettle on and then we 'll start to find another , oh well done Anthy , well done .
24 ‘ What happens is that maybe I 'll just see the shape of some chords , or where my fingers should be on the frets .
25 Oh I 'll just put a plus sign at it .
26 There is n't one , I 'll just put a space in
27 I 'll just put a ring in pencil , round the ones that are okay .
28 And I 'll just put a note in .
29 I 'll just put the kettle on . ’
30 So what I 'm gon na do , is I 'm going go , give you a list of things that need to go into your diary every week , and I 'll just put the list up , and you perhaps write it under Sunday or something on there , because I 'm going to work on a five day week Monday to Friday .
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