Example sentences of "[pers pn] 'll [adv] make a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 no , just make , I 'll just make a way through that 's all I want .
2 Fine , can you bear with me for five seconds while I 'll just make a phone call ?
3 Right I 'll just make a note of that .
4 So you 're feeling relaxed and comfortable and good because you 're telling me , you know , what a great tennis player I am and I really enjoy it , you 've just given me a couple of names that I 'll either make a note of or I 'll say that 's interesting cos I actually deal with Joe on a business relationship anyway erm maybe we could meet some other people from the tennis club , self employed people , professional people such as yourself , who might be interested in looking at financial planning but today I 'm more interested in talking about you Bill , erm we 'll come back to them a bit later if I may so let's press on .
5 I 'll never make a secretary , Aggie ; I 've got nothing up top . ’
6 You 'll just make a mess of it . ’
7 You 'll never make a writer , ’ he said .
8 You 'll never make a poker player , Miss Swift ! ’
9 He flexed his hands under the cloth , and shouted irritably at Rosa , ‘ You 'll never make a city woman , thank God , ’ and then , seeing her face fall , wondered at it .
10 " You 'll never make a nun , you baggage .
11 She 'll also make a grab for any toy that takes her fancy , even if she 's told it belongs to another child .
12 We 'll never make a policeman out of you , Auguste . ’
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