Example sentences of "[pers pn] can [adv] have a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 You can probably have a video of it as long of another version .
2 You can probably have a video of it as long of another version .
3 you know , if if he 'd been left to probably some other doctor he probably would have said , oh you know , you can just have a catheter or something .
4 You can only have a bath in our house .
5 You can still have a wish , ’ said Zach , ‘ when you cut the cake , only you must n't talk till after you 've made it and it must remain a secret else it wo n't come true and … . ’
6 But then you can really have a mortgage for that .
7 You can certainly have a read but please resist the temptation to write on it .
8 But I ca n't understand , if you 're in charge of a baby , how you can ever have a minute 's peace .
9 I do n't know if anybody 's ever seen those but you can actually have a computer at the side and a thing that sits on there and you can change and up on the screen it will appear what 's on the screen on the computer .
10 Bill Ward , assistant director of the department of environment at county hall , said : ‘ We know very well about local objections and will look at the scheme again to see if there is any way we can still have a scheme whilst taking account of local feeling . ’
11 erm I 'm not going to keep you very long because I 've nearly finished talking so erm when I 've finished perhaps you would like to bring some of your things up and put them on the table and we can all have a look at them .
12 We can now have a measure of capital employed ( net assets = 2,114m ) .
13 They can also have a go at this .
14 he can only have a siesta
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