Example sentences of "[pers pn] can just [verb] a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 like a dog , it 's been a hard day 's night boom boom boom boom sleeping hope they do n't come too early , although then we 'll , I can just leave a note .
2 But if I can just quote a couple of cases .
3 I , I can just see a touch of the black .
4 I can just catch a flight if I rush .
5 So if I can just put a tick there
6 It 's too much , if you ever have too much you can just fold a bit down , if you have a big bandage you can fold either of those edges down first if you 've got too much and then you fold it forward and back , now your pin sticks in , but all the material and out of all the material and it goes in a straight upward direction , again it must go in that direction so that if per chance it comes undone it falls out and drops on the floor , whereas if it was sideways or downwards it would open and stick in your casualty , so that 's why we have it done that way .
7 you know , if if he 'd been left to probably some other doctor he probably would have said , oh you know , you can just have a catheter or something .
8 Well if it 's too much I 'm planning , I 'm getting tomorrow , you can just get a check over , just wanted his blood test .
9 ‘ Well , it is n't the sort of place you can just take a look at . ’
10 If you look very carefully you can just see a couple of little green shoots starting to come .
11 Erm , if we can just talk a bit about the the the activities , the question of the demonstrations against unemployment , what did you actually do to aid those demonstrations ?
12 erm Somebody on this morning 's course said that they quite like answering machines , they use them like note pads , and they ring up people they know have got an answering machine so they can just leave a message , they say it 's quicker than writing a letter , and it 's easier than talking to them for hours , you can just ring them up and leave a message on their answering machine like a sort of note pad , which I had n't thought of , but I suppose it 's rather good , is n't it !
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