Example sentences of "[pers pn] [vb mod] rather have a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 I 'd rather have a turkey ! ’
2 I 'd rather have a couple hours
3 A fucking cake , I 'd rather have a bottle of Gin I 'd prefer to that .
4 That looks a pretty good job , sweeping the floor , though I 'd rather have a go on the sweeping machine .
5 I 'd tell my husband I 'd rather have a change of holiday and not go with our friends .
6 I 'd rather have a meal would n't you ?
7 I 'd rather have a rat in the house than a dog
8 but I mean I 'd rather have a Calibre than that definitely
9 If the worst came to the worst and we did get another president , I would do it , but I 'd rather have a break for a little while .
10 I 'd rather have a racist straight up and on the rocks any day .
11 I had planned to buy a flat with Geraldine but realized that if — no , when — John came back I would rather have a home all set up for him .
12 Although of course I would rather have a Pissarro .
13 Well what I would what I would do erm I would rather have a commitment for a date to start when you go out of here and if you say if you 've got if you 've got something that comes up then fine .
14 Barbie said she 'd rather have a cigarette anyway and gave them back to us , but we could n't break any of them off , so we kept passing this lump backwards and forwards , sucking it and grinding little chunks off it , till we got fed up with it and chucked it on the floor .
15 You 'd rather have a day out at York racecourse than at Headingley if truth were known , would n't you ?
16 we 'd rather have a cigarette in our hands .
17 I feel that in some senses it becomes almost about a certain strain of purity — that we would rather have a demonstration of 50 people on maybe a fuller , total political programme , than we would a demonstration of 50,000 people on maybe more limited aims but nevertheless political aims that we do feel carry us forward , but which could draw into activity a broader range of people .
18 ( I sha n't — he said he 'd rather have a drawing of mine , in any case . )
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