Example sentences of "[pers pn] [vb mod] [adv] have [art] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 I may not have a lot to give but what I 've got I 'll give to you
2 I intend to travel extensively during the summer and I may not have the pleasure of meeting you .
3 I may now have an inkling of what has happened to me over the last few years ; I may have lined up a few suspects , even tentatively put my finger on ‘ who done it ’ ; I may have my own private detectives working alongside the regular police , and we may have made an arrest or two , but the file has not been closed .
4 I may never have the strength again . ’
5 But first I must just have a word with you about … ’
6 Yeah the week after that week I should n't have a day off
7 If I get too tired I might just have a lie down and have a little kip .
8 I might even have a go at Muslim fundamentalists and have a copy of the Satanic Verses there . ’
9 The suite , everything had screw on legs and we bought erm a radiogram , that was a Pye , beautiful thing it was , it was ever so expensive then , I might even have the bill for that somewhere , we bought that at the town centre in Laytoners was it ?
10 Sandy was already in the side , and I got talking to him again , Calero was struggling , and I said I might not have a bag for the Ryder Cup .
11 I realized that I might actually have a sin .
12 And then thought : I might still have a title .
13 I 'll just have a bit of a lie down .
14 I 'll just have a bit of bread and a mug of tea , ’ she said .
15 I 'll just have a bit of brown .
16 fiddle I 'll just have a bit of a fiddle well perhaps I 'll try running it on lead free petrol and see if that
17 I 'll just have a word with him , Chief Inspector .
18 I 'll just have a word with my chief accountant
19 Oh good ah hang on er , three pairs there , seven , six and an eight , right there 's two blacks in sevens here , well I 'll just have a pair of each , I 've only got a fiver in me purse just wondering whether to get black or blue though ?
20 Well I 'll just have a I 'll just have a couple of erm lamb sandwiches .
21 Yeah that 's I 'll just have a look on that check the label .
22 I 'll just have a look round there again Barry .
23 Ah yeah , I 'll just have a look for you .
24 I 'll just have a look
25 I 'll just have a look at these shirts up here no , they 're nice Bev
26 I 'll just have a look through what you 've been doing
27 I 'll just have a spot can I ?
28 I 'll just have a yogurt .
29 Let me have , just give me a — I think I 'll just have a handjob . "
30 Oh I 'll just have a walk up I think .
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