Example sentences of "[pers pn] [vb mod] [adv] [vb infin] [art] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 This feature occurs because rational expectations generally implies restrictions on the coefficients of the model , and if the restrictions are valid then imposing them should not worsen the model 's explanatory power .
2 I may even get a job . ’
3 ‘ If I build up my business the way I hope I can , I may well need a partner .
4 Er Chairman , yes , if I may just make a couple of , of , of , of , of , comments on , on , on the report side , I , I very much welcome the report back which I think has clarified a number of areas in the inspector 's report and what the services are actually , actually are doing about this one , I think er overall it 's er it , it , it 's , it 's very , it 's very er it 's very er very useful to see er what has been done erm I , I , I , I , I 've been assured by the Chief Officer er on item , item er , item three one at the top of page two , that the operational plans being devolved to individual sch will not apply to operational activity , they will be er to separate activity within the s er sch station , erm I did raise that because I was concerned about one station saying yes we will attend the fire and another one saying we wo n't , which obviously is not appropriate er but with that caveat I , I , I , very much welcome the report , I would like to move the proposals sch standing in , in , in , in , in my name that we commend the report as well as er er what 's on the officer 's erm er , er , er recomen er the re the recommended er resolution and that we send a copy of that , this
5 Madam Chairman if I may just make a comment of concern that information was not , on this point was not forthcoming to the county councillors of that area perhaps to make er give them an opportunity to make comment prior to you so you could make this delegated action .
6 I may not wear a mob cap , but I rake our coal-fired Rayburn daily and ‘ clouds of ash ’ is an understatement of the result .
7 I may not have a lot to give but what I 've got I 'll give to you
8 I intend to travel extensively during the summer and I may not have the pleasure of meeting you .
9 ‘ If I may not die a king I shall die like a gentleman ’ , he reflected .
10 Although I installed Legato , it was some time ago , so I may not remember the name of the directory where it was installed ; but Windows can provide this information .
11 Or let my Lamp at midnight hour Be seen in some high lonely Tower Where I may oft outwatch the Bear .
12 I may now have an inkling of what has happened to me over the last few years ; I may have lined up a few suspects , even tentatively put my finger on ‘ who done it ’ ; I may have my own private detectives working alongside the regular police , and we may have made an arrest or two , but the file has not been closed .
13 ‘ I hope I may never make an enemy of thee ! ’
14 I was suddenly really upset as I thought I may never feel the baby moving inside me any more .
15 It was , in truth , the finest holiday I 've ever spent on a building-site and I may never look a sardine in the gill again .
16 I may never have the strength again . ’
17 Declaring that he wishes to offer to the public ‘ the very Journal which Dr Johnson read ’ , he says he will not ‘ expand the text in any considerable degree , though I may occasionally supply a word to complete the sense as I fill up the blanks of abbreviation in the writing ’ .
18 I knew I must soon arrange the memorial party , and the perfect opportunity arose with a letter from one of my closest friends , Margo , now living in Australia , who was planning a trip to Europe with her husband later that summer .
19 Among book ephemera I must also spare a paragraph for the modest bookmark , much neglected and too little chronicled.2 I do not , of course , refer to improvised examples such as scraps of brown paper and bacon rinds , but to the commercially produced strips of silk , paper and card , some of them elaborately lettered and decorated , deckled , frilled , tassled and ribboned .
20 I must also criticise a system that puts them in a position in which problems occur .
21 I stopped after a short while and said ‘ this is nonsense — I ca n't learn any more of this sort of thing by two o'clock — I must just do a prose right through and see how I get on ’ .
22 But first I must just have a word with you about … ’
23 Oh sorry , I must n't mention the name . .
24 In making this case , I must n't present the book as didactic .
25 Yeah , I must n't put the lad down
26 I must n't destroy the evidence .
27 I must n't become a bore on the subject , but I have to say that in physical terms Tod and I are now feeling absolutely terrific .
28 It was an enormous subject upon which we had embarked , and I felt that , as a minor guest of the monastery , I must not monopolize the time of the guest whom everyone wanted to meet .
29 I must not give the impression of being without sin .
30 I must not forget the back-up staff and the community staff who visited me so promptly after my return home .
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