Example sentences of "[pers pn] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 Well as I as I read it the Co you have n't made any allowance for conversions , you 've made an assumption that part of the housing figure will be met by conversions .
2 Do n't tell me that you care what the hell is on my mind , she thought to herself .
3 He said yes Mrs well then he followed me in the kitchen , stood behind me and I thought what the hell 's he hanging about for , I 'm gon na take it to him and the , his son- in-law was there
4 Your reader will then know that you are not presuming that she or he knows what the term means .
5 If you If you paid it The Co was up on the Tuesday , you had to have it paid Most people tried to pay it for the Thursday and that was the turn of the leaf , on the Thursday and if you paid that then you could go straight away that day and get your new quarter stuff , for the next quarter .
6 The men times the hours when whenever you whenever you get your answer , you can check that your men times the hours must still still be the same as it was when you when they gave you the question .
7 Er so I 'm gon na have them but she showed me the small room , what they call the small room , well that was huge well it will be perfect for what we want .
8 In the first place developing countries accepted the loans that were thrust at them because they believed what the West was telling them — that it would be possible for them to industrialize , to develop their economies to the point where paying back the loan later on would be an easy matter .
9 In I gave the book to him or I gave him the book , him would normally be considered thematic in FSP theory .
10 Another experience was when he was praying before the crucifix in San Damiano and it seemed to him that it gave him the message , " Build my church " , which he immediately interpreted quite literally as , " Save this church from crumbling into ruins " .
11 She stared at him and he knew what the answer was going to be .
12 He signalled me from Pitt Street and I met him and he gave me the peg [ the notebook entry you both make ] .
13 Donna joined him and he found her the shortest ones , saying , ‘ You have the short ones .
14 She longed , oh , she burned to be able to tell him the truth , but Ace 's threats held ; also by the way Mike was looking at her at the moment he probably would n't believe her if she told him the truth about their relationship .
15 In the morning after their breakfast coffee , he stood silently and balefully near her until she gave him the fare to Dublin .
16 Richard hugged her as she gave him the keys .
17 Would he listen to her when she told him the truth about Janice ?
18 That 's what I said to her when she said it the other day I said how old are you Mrs ?
19 Well if it if it gives you the required amount or
20 He said of course he 'd do it if I gave him the phone number of the hospital .
21 If I give him money he goes and spends it If I lend him the bike he loses it He 's completely unreliable
22 ‘ OK , ’ he said , taking her money and recounting it before he handed her the ticket .
23 ‘ Thank you , William , ’ Marie says to me when I give her the tea , and I say ‘ Is there anything else , your Highness ? ’ like we 're king and queen or summat .
24 ‘ I 'm not sure what you mean , ’ she stated then , ‘ but you were most definitely hostile to me when you saw me the next day , and that was still before you knew I was a journalist . ’
25 It will be made out to us and we pay you the following week .
26 If the Government wo n't believe us when we tell them the truth , maybe they will now believe the people they paid to give them this report .
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