Example sentences of "[pers pn] [modal v] always have a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ They wo n't see any less of me and I 'll always have a key to the house , ’ he said .
2 Until humans lose the need for social bonding — not to mention their animal instinct for alcohol — you 'll always have a local .
3 You could always have a bit of fun with Bill , people said .
4 T. D. You could always have a cigarette if you wanted it but if you got caught , you were in trouble .
5 We must always have a note , you see .
6 His uncle 's birthday was noted , he must always have a Christmas present bought and sent in good time .
7 ‘ If it is a gesture , then it must always have a meaning . ’
8 He could always have a relapse later if necessary .
9 And that Ernie being a real good slaughterman , I mean , after Tuesday morning he 'd always have a bullock
10 After the delivery , he would always have a cup of tea .
11 Religion is timeless in my opinion and it will always have a meaning .
12 Indeed , there are those who consider that hardcopy has a functionality which e-documents can never completely replace and it will always have a place in information systems .
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