Example sentences of "[pers pn] [modal v] just [vb infin] a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Er Chairman , yes , if I may just make a couple of , of , of , of , of , comments on , on , on the report side , I , I very much welcome the report back which I think has clarified a number of areas in the inspector 's report and what the services are actually , actually are doing about this one , I think er overall it 's er it , it , it 's , it 's very , it 's very er it 's very er very useful to see er what has been done erm I , I , I , I , I 've been assured by the Chief Officer er on item , item er , item three one at the top of page two , that the operational plans being devolved to individual sch will not apply to operational activity , they will be er to separate activity within the s er sch station , erm I did raise that because I was concerned about one station saying yes we will attend the fire and another one saying we wo n't , which obviously is not appropriate er but with that caveat I , I , I , very much welcome the report , I would like to move the proposals sch standing in , in , in , in , in my name that we commend the report as well as er er what 's on the officer 's erm er , er , er recomen er the re the recommended er resolution and that we send a copy of that , this
2 Madam Chairman if I may just make a comment of concern that information was not , on this point was not forthcoming to the county councillors of that area perhaps to make er give them an opportunity to make comment prior to you so you could make this delegated action .
3 I stopped after a short while and said ‘ this is nonsense — I ca n't learn any more of this sort of thing by two o'clock — I must just do a prose right through and see how I get on ’ .
4 But first I must just have a word with you about … ’
5 ‘ Yes , ’ I began , ‘ I should just like a practice … ’
6 Perhaps I should just say a word about that that operation since you 've raised it , because it is one type of job that we do , that is taking part in a rather large group , in this case sponsored by the Commonwealth Secretariat at the request of the government of Uganda after the fall of erm of Amin , to assess the rehabilitation needs of the country and to suggest what policies should be priority policies for their point of view and what contribution could be made by other countries through aid and erm other ways of technical assistance and fellowships for training and so forth , to help in this rehabilitation .
7 If I get too tired I might just have a lie down and have a little kip .
8 I think I might just get a couple of nice hankies to go with them .
9 Or , ’ she leans forward but only the beautiful hair shines , ‘ I might just buy a bomb after all — ’
10 no , just make , I 'll just make a way through that 's all I want .
11 Fine , can you bear with me for five seconds while I 'll just make a phone call ?
12 Right I 'll just make a note of that .
13 ‘ I 'd like to get an early night , so I 'll just grab a sandwich back at the hotel . ’
14 Oh I 'll just put a plus sign at it .
15 There is n't one , I 'll just put a space in
16 I 'll just put a ring in pencil , round the ones that are okay .
17 And I 'll just put a note in .
18 Well I 'll just get a jig sit on it .
19 Wait — I 'll just get a coffee and another one for you . ’
20 I 'll just find a scene where he does this .
21 I 'll just take a drink , then I 'll be off . "
22 I 'll just take a peep . ’
23 One evening , as they worked happily together , feeding and attending to the livestock , George said , ‘ I 'll just take a walk along the beck before we settle down , and check those sheep I 've brought down for lambing . ’
24 Once when I was young , innocent and unaware of eating amnesia , ‘ weighers-wilt ’ ( ‘ I 'll just take a guess at this — looks like two ounces … ! ’ ) and other related disorders , I became so alarmed about all the people who could n't seem to shed weight on 1,000 calories a day that I interviewed many of them , carefully selected a group of twenty of the most baffling and genuine cases , and incarcerated them in a health farm for a week .
25 Fine I 'll just take a note of that , thank you .
26 well I 'm not gon na ask Chris cos I 'll just write a cheque to Society .
27 I 'll just have a bit of a lie down .
28 I 'll just have a bit of bread and a mug of tea , ’ she said .
29 I 'll just have a bit of brown .
30 fiddle I 'll just have a bit of a fiddle well perhaps I 'll try running it on lead free petrol and see if that
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