Example sentences of "[pers pn] [be] hold [adv] to [be] " in BNC.

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1 Gordon Woodroffe , a zoologist who has studied the water voles of the North York Moors , does not consider that the mink is the total rogue it is held out to be in some quarters , but it certainly appears to have caused the vole 's extinction on the Moors .
2 203 , the corporation , having for a number of years paid purchase tax on manufactured stationery , erroneously believing it to be due , sought to recover it when it was held not to be chargeable .
3 In Cigaro ( Glasgow ) Ltd. v. City of Glasgow District Licensing Board , 1983 S.L.T. 549 it was held not to be a breach of natural justice to hear only submissions and not to allow evidence to be led , where this was the practice of the licensing board .
4 The position of a shareholder in a brewer 's business was discussed in Braithwaite 's Trs. v. Linlithgow Justices ( Scotsman , January 27 , 1909 ) , and he was held not to be a partner for the purposes of a similar provision .
5 On the other hand , where a landlord was entitled to determine a lease for " building sites or planting or other purposes " , he was held not to be entitled to determine it for the purpose of constructing a sports stadium ( Coates v Diment [ 1951 ] 1 All ER 890 ) .
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