Example sentences of "[pers pn] [verb] [be] for some [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ The improvement and the form suggests it 's the best Welsh pack since the Triple Crown in 1988 , so yes I 'm more optimistic than I 've been for some time ’ , said the 43-year-old ‘ Panther ’ , who is now a schoolmaster in Swansea .
2 I am much slimmer and a better shape than I have been for some time ( or for months , years , etc. ) and I am going to get even slimmer and achieve an even better figure — a figure I never thought I could have .
3 The last thing I wanted was for some motorist to hit one of my owls just when it was establishing itself .
4 As Elisabeth , Rosalind Plowright sounded more secure than she has been for some time on British stages and sang her last aria with true Verdian pathos and passion .
5 Well , we have been for some time .
6 ‘ Present values are lower than they have been for some time , and are sticking .
7 However , those who are unemployed , especially if they have been for some time , may find it is more important to send out as many letters as possible , in the hope of getting some response .
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