Example sentences of "[noun pl] [pers pn] is [adv] [vb pp] that " in BNC.

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1 Of the two methods it is generally agreed that ‘ write black ’ is much better at fine lines and accurate reproduction of small typeface sizes while ‘ write white ’ is best for large areas of solid black .
2 10 Burden of proof Dealing first with the question of reasonableness as between the parties it is now accepted that the burden of proof falls on the party seeking to enforce the restraint .
3 In work organisations it is universally believed that cooperation is a Good Thing , and achieve greater productivity than lack of cooperation .
4 This is because in any sample of right handers it is usually found that a considerable proportion of subjects do not show the expected right ear superiority for verbal material .
5 In vertical mergers it is often claimed that there are important gains to co-ordination and planning .
6 However , among their ranks it is universally believed that their leader — Rabbi Menachem Schneerson — will fulfil the Messianic prophecy .
7 Among political theorists it is widely accepted that , to sustain a democracy , participation and active citizenship should have only a minimal role .
8 Since under national legal systems it is usually stipulated that the place in which the association is established is to be the place of performance of obligations arising out of the act of becoming a member , the application of article 5(1) of the Convention also has practical advantages : the court for the place in which the association has its seat is in fact usually the best fitted to understand the documents of constitution , rules and decisions of the association , and also the circumstances out of which the dispute arose .
9 " This Meeting being informed that Cart Drivers are very inattentive as to their Conduct upon the road with Carts It is now recommended that all Travellers upon the road shall take to the Left in all situations , and that when a Traveller upon the road shall loose a shew of his horse , the Parochial Blacksmith shall be obliged to give preference to the Traveller . "
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