Example sentences of "[noun pl] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 At only 18 , Dundas will be seeing things through young and excited eyes and I wish him the best .
2 ‘ Kristian is very good with fans when they see him the street and ask him for autographs .
3 It 's part of the school 's job to convince parents that they want what the school wants and values .
4 the only reason that police get away with drink driving is cos half the buggers are Masons and they give them the old funny hand shake and its oh on your way sir
5 At least she would n't have far to go home if the evening turned into an unmitigated disaster , with him weeping drunken tears and slobbering all over her shoes while he told her the sad story of his life .
6 Scientists did not help matters when they gave it the generic name Oreamnos , meaning ‘ mountain lamb ’ .
7 Most of the people I went with took mountain bikes and they envied me the Pioneer as I sped along with far less effort that they had to use .
8 ‘ He was up against international defenders and they paid him the ultimate compliment of having to trip him up half of the time .
9 Yeah under question things and they give you the answers in blue .
10 It would be easier to work out the story of the Jingoes if we knew what the beginning was .
11 May they remind us of birthdays and other gift-days as they teach us the secret that all life is meant for celebration and contemplation .
12 After all , you were n't overly concerned about my feelings when you interviewed me the other day , were you ? ’
13 The 40-year-old told one of the sisters if anyone asked who the father of her baby daughter was she should lie and say it was her boyfriend , Leeds Crown Court was told .
14 He should not introduce such arguments when we know what the Government are after — attacking the British coal industry .
15 FORMER Goon Harry Secombe , who has had a second home in Majorca for the past 15 years , reckoned he had finally been accepted by the locals when they gave him the Spanish name El Gordo .
16 Thomas was sent for tests but nobody knew what the problem was .
17 To be honest it would be between the portfolios as you call them the the folders and erm probably that the golfing thing .
18 Okay they 're the straightforward ones if you do it the other way round if you differentiate cos you 'll get minus sine .
19 An expert can now make a final determination about the construction of documents provided he asks himself the right question .
20 Girls of various shapes and sizes paraded in front of the boys while she told them the prices so that they would be sure they had enough money on them .
21 He poured Moselle for her , brushed fingers as he handed her the glass and looked into her eyes .
22 Thank you Chairman , erm I 'm delighted to be the last person to present a set of budget proposals as it gives me the opportunity to draw attention to some facts that seems to have been overlooked by the representatives of the other two groups .
23 His job was to go out into the bush to take samples and he found it the most unspoilt area on Earth he has ever been to , areas the size of Wales in which no white man has ever set foot .
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