Example sentences of "[noun pl] [pron] [verb] n't been [adj] " in BNC.

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1 The only animals I have n't been able to check on are the sheep . ’
2 There they will remain for most of April , at least one of the pair on guard at all times on the loch in order to ward off any attempted ‘ take-over ’ , perhaps by young pairs who have n't been able to locate a suitable breeding site .
3 For forty years he had n't been able to bring himself to venture into it again .
4 I could say some of the things I had n't been able to say when I left him , because I had n't shared his feelings then .
5 They say they 're having to deal with more and more dogs owned by families who have n't been able to give them the exercise they need .
6 Their house is a repository rich with the things they have n't been able to bring themselves to sell .
7 There were pauses , then he banged the keys plaintively , going over the passages he had n't been able to get right , then suddenly he put on a record of the Chopin and played along with it , always two or three notes behind .
8 The Macari honeymoon period is in full swing and there 's a determination and self-belief about the players which has n't been visible for some time .
9 They wanted to reopen Sadler 's Wells with Carmen , Aida , Trovatore , operas they had n't been able to perform during the war .
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