Example sentences of "[adj] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 ‘ She would n't tell me , but was very insistent that I call her the minute you got in . ’
2 ‘ He was very candid and he gave me the benefit of his thinking about a lot of things , ’ Clinton told reporters after leaving the White House .
3 For transport she used the farmer 's pony and trap : the pony was so decrepit that we called it the dead pony .
4 The results are uneven and one wonders what the result would have been if Mr Smith had examined all the companies covered by the original report for a longer period .
5 He came in with the ideas , give the drivers and conductors everything they asked for whereby my training had always been to only give them what they were really entitled to , not give them anything extra but he gave them the earth and that erm did n't sort of go very well for the new Manager who came in , he had a lot of undoing to do there , that this fella had given away , in his six or seven weeks there .
6 Ackroyd knew immediately where he meant and his blood ran cold as he knew what the foreman was going to say next .
7 Were n't you , you were really quite horrified when you saw what the excavator
8 We have to make sure that we know what the customer wants ; they know what we can do for them , at what cost ; where ; when ; how and
9 When planting new trees in your garden , make sure that you know what the mature heights are likely to be .
10 That 's right trying to find work these days can be demanding and extremely frustrating so you want to make sure that you give yourself the best chance of getting a job and one way to help is to do a good application form and know how to handle yourself in an interview .
11 And make sure that you give it the way they want .
12 I am not precisely sure that I know what the right hon. Gentleman had in mind on sentencing policy , but I am happy to engage in exchanges outside .
13 Their reaction was so encouraging that it gave me the strength to carry on .
14 Erm this has been prepared by Mr erm and perhaps it would be helpful if he gave you the flavour of it .
15 He was n't sure if he liked what the Headmaster had in store for the Bookman and they had started arguing about it .
16 There were no squabbles … as long as they did everything the same as anybody else and paid their fees , which were exactly the same .
17 Yeah as long as we know what the other 's doing .
18 As long as you teach them the basics , they should be all right .
19 You can work it out , how many pennies per gram , or you can work it out , how many grams per penny , and it does n't matter which way round you do it , as long as you know what the answer means , but which way do you prefer ?
20 As long as you know what the whatnots is
21 The sort of stuff that you get in in y'know sort of everyday gossip between friends about y'know when people talk about each- other , oh I think he 's a bit er I think he 's a bit camp , or I think he probably is but erm yeah yeah all that kind of thing yeah erm is is like the the informal repertoire , the informal repertoire that you do between friends erm , between people to whom it sort of y'know it 's not very important if you give them the wrong impression sort of thing .
22 That 's a bit extreme but it gives you the idea .
23 He did not feel happy when they told him the result .
24 She went to see Mr Bailey , the manager of the factory , and she was surprised and happy when he gave her the job immediately .
25 ‘ You know what men are like — swearing that their casual lovers are of no account , yet going berserk when we tell them the same thing ! ’
26 Erm the answer would be no , they 've got to be sold at sometime and nobody knows what the market is going to do .
27 I was shocked when he told me the truth .
28 They were very pleased when I told them the outcome of my night on the tiles and Otley sat next to me on the sofa with his arm round my shoulders .
29 Try sitting the other side of your desk ; it may sound crazy but it shows you the world from another angle .
30 ‘ I know what you mean , ’ she murmured , willing her hands to remain steady as she handed him the cup .
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