Example sentences of "[adj] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] [art] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ I just want to make clear that I pay you every correctitude for what you were involved in there . ’
2 ‘ She would n't tell me , but was very insistent that I call her the minute you got in . ’
3 We concluded by singing the carol O Come all ye Faithful and I gave them a blessing .
4 But he was OK and he sent her a big kiss .
5 It 's good no I tell you why I thought they were crap cos you gave me an album and it had the had Dancing in the Moonlight and that was good but all the other songs on it were really shit .
6 But if you imagine when you were about this high and someone gives you a ball to kick and you you fall over and you , Right I 'm not trying that again .
7 ‘ He was very candid and he gave me the benefit of his thinking about a lot of things , ’ Clinton told reporters after leaving the White House .
8 I find it unpleasant and it gives me an allergy so I 'd rather you did n't from my point of view .
9 Erm I 'm not saying that er there were n't problems in security and using public transport and fear of using public transport after dark , but we were quite surprised that compared with the rest of the U K it was erm not acceptable but it gave us an indication on , on where to go from there on , erm and also I think er the important factor that in the lower in Strathclyde that we 've actually consulted women in terms of er what they want and what they need er in the transport world erm in public transport and that 's not lip service we 've actually had discussions groups and that information has been fed into the large erm public transport review that were undertaking at the present time .
10 I got out of the car and ran to my front door , my mum answered the door , she looked quite different but I gave her a massive cuddle and went indoors .
11 For transport she used the farmer 's pony and trap : the pony was so decrepit that we called it the dead pony .
12 The music they played gradually grew familiar to Alice ; it was music for the violin , the famous Violin Concerto , and it sounded very strange on the flute and guitar , so strange that it took her a moment or two to recognize it .
13 My legs are warm and I give them a feel .
14 The results are uneven and one wonders what the result would have been if Mr Smith had examined all the companies covered by the original report for a longer period .
15 At the time Lady Moon , 54 , said : ‘ It was all so easy and it gave me a hell of a buzz , better than drugs .
16 He came in with the ideas , give the drivers and conductors everything they asked for whereby my training had always been to only give them what they were really entitled to , not give them anything extra but he gave them the earth and that erm did n't sort of go very well for the new Manager who came in , he had a lot of undoing to do there , that this fella had given away , in his six or seven weeks there .
17 At Oxford I discovered that most people were only too willing to be friendly if I gave them a chance .
18 I 'm sorry if I gave you a fright .
19 They have something like 40 players and they are very competitive and very strong and they caused us a lot of problems .
20 ‘ She had a very detailed knowledge of Enya 's music , and it was obvious that she plays it a lot . ’
21 His eyes were black and expressionless and he gave her no more than one probing glance before turning away .
22 The voice at the other end was plainly over-excited and it took him a minute to disentangle what he was being told .
23 This made me uneasy , and I was glad when someone gave me a glass of white wine .
24 Ackroyd knew immediately where he meant and his blood ran cold as he knew what the foreman was going to say next .
25 Were n't you , you were really quite horrified when you saw what the excavator
26 It was dead right but it gave me a tough act to follow and only Joyce 's famous ‘ George , do n't do that ’ would fit the bill .
27 We face real threats internationally from pollution , over-population , from famine , from nuclear accidents and from the collapse of an unjust world economic order which means we take more money from the poor than we lend them every year . ’
28 We have to make sure that we know what the customer wants ; they know what we can do for them , at what cost ; where ; when ; how and
29 When planting new trees in your garden , make sure that you know what the mature heights are likely to be .
30 So when you 're planning your retirement , make sure that you give yourself a reasonable standard of living in terms of income .
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