Example sentences of "[adj] it be for [pron] [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 He knew how easy it was for someone to conceal himself amongst the clutter of hanging garments , unseen and unsuspected , while even grown-ups went about their business in ignorance of his presence .
2 She told herself later that she could n't have been expected to remember what a knife-edge he lived on , how hard it was for him to trust anyone .
3 No one would know how hard it was for her to act the bride she would never be .
4 I want him to know how futile it is for him to try and escape my influence … "
5 She said this with a certain violence , and Clara 's attention quickened , for she thought she was about to witness the emergence of one of the buried conflicts of which she had heard so much : but Mrs Denham said quickly , " For goodness sake , Clelia , you know how good it is for me to have James around , it takes me back to those lovely days when you were all so small and docile . "
6 I can tell him how important it is for us to have a home of our own .
7 He leaned forward , smiling , playing the perfect host , knowing how important it was for him to win these young men over .
8 Most meal-times took an hour or more but she had realized how important it was for him to eat .
9 Our guide Sam gave us very clear instructions — he did n't need to emphasise how important it was for us to do exactly as he said .
10 I 've got a sale to go to at nine , and you know how difficult it is for me to get back to sleep once I 've been woken . ’
11 The larger the number of firms already supplying a market and the more difficult it is for them to collude , the more competition there is likely to be .
12 Unfortunately many employees also know how difficult it is for us to stop them simply imposing changes without agreement from the people that are affected .
13 In fact , Galileo 's Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina ( 1615 ) shows how difficult it was for him to pursue such an argument , even had he wished .
14 He avoided her glance , and she saw how difficult it was for him to admit to weakness .
15 The New York Herald headlined ‘ These Girl 's Do n't Drink , Smoke or Flirt ’ and printed an article , attributed to Mary , in which she explained how difficult it was for her to maintain discipline in a society where young girls were surrounded on every side by such bad examples of free and easy ways in all walks of life .
16 The fact that I should think this , and thought this at the time when I was one of the leaders of the movement campaigning for the ordination of women , brings it home to me how difficult it was for me to work within that movement .
17 Similarly , directors have noted how rare it was for him to bring his natural rage into play on screen .
18 It just shows , I think , how vigilant Councillors need to be when you get all these documents , and you do get many of them if you 're a District County Councillor , and how necessary it is for you to read them and study them and to remember because these things are very very important when they 're put in when it goes to higher authority at that time .
19 And he went and told them how necessary it was for him to go to Canada , in the interests of the firm .
20 Can you imagine how bitter it is for me to have to write that sentence ?
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