Example sentences of "[adj] [noun sg] of [noun] over the " in BNC.

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1 But acceptance of this argument involves acceptance of the superiority of the higher , impersonal level of truth over the lower personal level of truth and the acknowledgment of two levels of knowledge .
2 It is important that the purpose of this criticism should not be misunderstood ; the theoretical and experimental contributions that the Aplysia group have made to the cellular study of memory over the past two decades have been substantial , but the very intellectual certainty of the group and the charisma of its leader have tended to suppress some of its problems and sideline those who have articulated them .
3 This gave a k value of 0.72 , which shows a very high level of agreement over the six categories .
4 This has the advantage of establishing a high degree of control over the target utterance and , if the child is co-operating , it is possible to make a direct comparison between the utterance the child was attempting to produce and what the child actually said .
5 This diffuseness was paralleled by a marked degree of confusion over the appropriate research methods to use in empirical studies .
6 As a rounded account of the rise of Saddam it has one serious failing in that it pays far too little attention to the economic and social development of Iraq over the past 20 years .
7 Although the shareholders no longer exercised the direct control of principals over the directors as their agents , the model nevertheless asserts that any danger that the directors might use their considerable discretionary powers to manage the business in their own interest is precluded .
8 Oil is the most versatile , flexible and valuable of the primary fuels and part of the process of improved use of energy over the past decade has been for users to switch to other fuels to generate heat , thus saving oil for the transportation and speciality uses for which there are no cost effective substitutes .
9 Each judge will submit a completed list of nominations over the next couple of weeks and the eventual winners will be presented with their awards at a special ceremony early in the new year .
10 With the Government facing a fresh possibility of defeat over the controversial social chapter , tensions erupted as loyal heavyweights turned on the rebels during a heated half-hour clash .
11 Detailed observation of Willis over the years , however , and his general ‘ out to lunch ’ demeanour , suggested Dylan to be more a tribute to that rather vacant rabbit of Magic Roundabout fame .
12 Frightened off by such high figures , many collectors renounce the attempt to assemble a complete range of bindings over the centuries and , sensibly , turn to more limited fields ; for example , to books stamped with the coats of arms or crests of early owners in gilt or ‘ blind ’ ( without gold or colour ) .
13 It was intended as a device to enable states with major accumulations of crude oil to exercise the fullest possible degree of control over the industry concerned with its extraction .
14 The software configuration must therefore include an additional level of operation over the current systems .
15 One distinct advantage of metformin over the sulphonylureas in obese Type 2 patients is that it does tend to suppress appetite and certainly therapy is usually associated with weight loss ( Taylor et al , 1982 ) .
16 There has been a vast impoverishment of people over the past decades .
17 Thus we require participatory democracy to give the individual a real measure of control over the life and structure of his/her environment .
18 ‘ Laura … ! ’ he groaned , a deep , compulsive inner hunger shaking his tall figure as her hands trailed gently downwards , following the dark arrow of hair over the taut muscles of his stomach , which clenched violently at her soft touch .
19 According to John Rogers , who knew Miller , a serious difference of opinion over the publication of some of the Society 's proceedings caused the break-up and , he says , ‘ the opponents of the publication demanded their papers from Miller , who immediately gave them up , having , however , with his usual foresight , taken a copy of each , otherwise their valuable contents would most likely have been lost to the world . ’
20 By way of illustration the following table shows what £1,000 will be worth in today 's money at the end of the periods shown if the annual rate of inflation over the period is as shown :
21 By way of illustration the following table shows what £1,000 will be worth in today 's money at the end of the periods shown , if the annual rate of inflation over the period is as shown .
22 By way of illustration the following table shows what £1,000 will be worth in today 's money at the end of the periods shown , if the annual rate of inflation over the period is as shown .
23 If the individual has a long position , his actual rate of return over the one-year holding period ( rh ) ( assuming T= I ) is .
24 Midland 's Seven Days ' Notice Deposit Account offers a competitive rate of interest , regular statements and access to cleared funds , while the Fixed Term Deposit Account is aimed at customers requiring an investment for a specific period , with a higher and guaranteed fixed rate of interest over the stated term .
25 Economic growth , at an annual average of 4% over the past five years , is not bad in the circumstances , though not as spectacular as the South-East Asian growth rates that Sri Lanka aspires to emulate .
26 Maire Carroll , serving in the shop and hating it , felt a firm and vicious sense of satisfaction over the fate of Eve and Benny , but of course she pretended great care and concern .
27 the average number of customers over the week ( add each day 's total customers together , then divide that total by the number of days in the working week ) .
28 But both could be ( confusingly ) described as average number of competitors over the same region as the intended word .
29 ‘ The basic concept was that there should be a period of restraint to redress the balance of what has been a tremendous amount of development over the years , ’ he said , referring to the support the parish council had given to county and district while they were drawing up their local plans .
30 ‘ We have lost a tremendous amount of trade over the 14 months that the construction work has been going on and we should have been told exactly what was happening , ’ he said .
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