Example sentences of "[adj] [noun sg] of [noun] [adv] the " in BNC.

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1 Within the austere collegial melody of science even the slightest emotional shading can have a suitably dramatic effect .
2 So , that 's er , really a very different pattern of infections where the virulence factors are not clearly identified .
3 If those who beneficially own shares are the same in number and identity as the principals in the unincorporated firm of solicitors then the firm and the recognised body will normally be treated as one practice for the purpose of the Indemnity Rules ; i.e. only one contribution , based on one gross fee return , will be payable .
4 Figure 6.5a shows the thin pointed region through which trajectories leave B if they start inside the rectangle ABCD on the top face of B. Combining eqn ( 6.4 ) with ( 6.3 ) we obtain where ( 0 , n* ) is the point on the top face of B where the unstable manifold of the origin returns to the stable manifold of the origin when r = r* .
5 If a reasonable man would believe that there was a real likelihood of bias then the decision is overturned ; surmise or conjecture is insufficient .
6 Mohammed Siyad Barre fled to Kenya on April 29 after forces of the United Somali Congress ( USC ) captured the south-western town of Garbaharrey where the former President had been living since being ousted from Mogadishu in January 1991 [ see pp. 37946-47 ] .
7 Afterwards a rickshaw driver hauls him off to the City of Joy , a vast area of slums where the matronly Joan Bethel ( Pauline Collins ) runs a school .
8 Straining his eyes , Faisal could just see a tiny cluster of lights where the colonies were rising above the hidden bulk of Africa .
9 On the other hand , it is a sad state of affairs when the profits from drinks and ice cream come before Shakespeare .
10 But if the Devil has no reality or active role in the divine drama of salvation then the vision of the Great Battle is lost .
11 It was hard to stop the sudden rush of emotion just the mention of his name could provoke , but she did her best .
12 While there a large number of cases where the victims are juveniles , there are many others where the newspapers would be allowed by law to identify the victim .
13 There are a large number of organisations where the converse is true : it is not possible to find much talent and they do not occupy the time and effort of executive searchers .
14 Thus Article 92 provided for aid by member states " to promote the economic development of areas where the standard of living is abnormally low , or where there is serious underemployment " provided that such aid did not " adversely affect trading conditions " .
15 The affair provoked a deep division of views when the case reached the Law Lords in July 1987 .
16 Pleased , that is , until I discovered that I had forgotten to bring the tea bags — the subsequent ‘ Well , why did n't you bring them then 's , ‘ Why is it always my fault 's reminded me of the Quentin Crisp line that marriage was impossible for him because he could not have tolerated an endless succession of mornings when the first words he heard were , ‘ And another thing ’ — and that there were no birds .
17 I took the train to Fontainbleau , and to Versailles , and saw there the famous Hall of Mirrors where the notorious Treaty was signed which set Germany on the path to Hitler 's domination and the Second World War .
18 There is , however , one further disruptive interpretation that can be made , rendering Chaucer 's Shipman 's Tale as fabliau taken to an ultimate , self-destructive point of fulfilment where the dichotomy between the witty trickster and the deluded target figure collapses .
19 It was painful , beautiful and obscure , a not uncommon state of affairs when the creator also directs , gives a running commentary on the action and writes himself into the story at the end .
20 Is it not a tidy state of affairs when the best that the 370-odd Tory Members can deliver in this place every Tuesday and Thursday and at other Question Times is a tirade of abuse about what Labour would do ?
21 Out of all her workmates , Kerry was possibly the least friendly , which made her current show of concern all the more special .
22 Well that practice did go on for a long number of years where the the riveter was the was the boss of the squad and on the Friday night , when er where it came knocking off time , he would collect the wages and he would divide that up between the squad which would be , a holder-on , a rivet boy , er maybe a putter-in , er again in my time , that was mostly a squad .
23 A combative mood at the congress had been set at the very opening of proceedings when the first speaker in the debate on the agenda , Vladimir Bludov from Magadan in the Far East , had called for the entire politburo to resign .
24 This again is designed to avoid ( or at least reduce ) the double taxation of shareholders when the capital gain is distributed to shareholders as dividends .
25 It is pointed out that the extinct quagga , a zebra with much less striping , came from the far south of Africa where the climate is cooler and that the northern , stripeless horses also enjoy cooler weather .
26 Down a metal stairway from the lane was a small square of benches where the newspaper delivery boys sat in a queue , awaiting their turn with Mr. Ted Pegg , Circulation Manager , to receive the papers for delivery .
27 But no one there had ever heard of the Arektenje area of Jaffa where the newly married Damiani had bought his home .
28 But the beach is also marked on the extreme southern tip of Seil where the exposure to the waves is limited and , even more remarkably , in the narrow strait separating Seil from the mainland ( Plate 26 ) .
29 In the small number of institutions where the DipHE was established and survived there was both strong commitment and , at least initially , interest by schools , further education colleges and the press .
30 If the acceleration of a system occurs over a small number of steps then the phase excitation timings can be generated by digital integrated circuits .
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