Example sentences of "[noun sg] of [noun sg] [noun] [adv] the " in BNC.

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1 ( If this is the result of company expansion then the chances of career opportunities are good )
2 I am a great fan of rave music yet the lyrics have never made me want to try the drug .
3 In addition , adjustments are made to reflect the alignment of accounting policies where the accounting policies of acquired companies would otherwise be inconsistent with those of the Group .
4 A Freedom of Information Act Today the conference will debate health and care in the community ; local government and the poll tax ; the policy review group report Democracy for the Individual and Community ; constitutional reforms ; law and criminal justice ; funding for political parties ; Northern Ireland .
5 ‘ If present government fails to heed the views of the RSPCA , the House of Lords and the vast majority of public opinion then the next Labour government will introduce a mandatory dog registration scheme .
6 By analogy with the Z2 Carbonate , however , similar porosities could also be expected to be developed in base of slope sediments where the pay zone would be thicker and the rocks would make more attractive reservoirs .
7 First , the removal of price restrictions eg the deregulation of fixed commissions in favour of a more competitive commission scheme .
8 If beta is the relevant measure of portfolio risk then the value of should not be significantly different from zero .
9 The parent company , perhaps in France or in the USA , will probably have taken a portfolio of beauty pictures when the products were initially launched in their home country .
10 Moreover , as mentioned earlier , the figures presented so far do not include a range of fringe benefits usually the privilege of non-manual employees which have a real income value : among these are luncheon vouchers , company cars , credit facilities ( cheap company loans ) , and so on .
11 This research programme concentrates upon a range of policy spheres where the growth of ‘ corporatist arrangements ’ has been sufficiently conspicuous and sufficiently contentious to have given rise to the term ‘ corporatism ’ with its suggestion of qualitative change in the politico-economic structure .
12 The research programme concentrates upon a range of policy spheres where the growth of ‘ corporatist arrangements ’ has been sufficiently conspicuous and sufficiently contentious to have given rise to the term ‘ corporatism ’ with its suggestion of a qualitative change in the politico-economic structure .
13 We can therefore use the execute to make up for some of the deficiencies of a computer 's instruction set ; examples might be the coding of jump tables where the Computer does not have indexed jump instructions , or operations on dynamically variable-length data where the operand length is coded in the instruction format ; the latter is illustrated in Figure 3.18 .
14 the use of pesticides , which had grave implications for creatures at the top of food chains where the chemicals were concentrated , became the major problem of the 60s ; oil pollution of the sea was sometimes catastrophic in the 70s .
15 And I also rely on my evidence of of quoting another custodian of Government policy namely the Prime Minister and its current Prime Minister erm who makes the point that proposals for development must not be turned down simply because it is the safest course .
16 If the partner country and/or the rest of the world have a small share of world trade then the import supply curves will be upward sloping .
17 With the development of end-user computing even the questions of how a manifestation of the data was made and why become different kinds of questions .
18 And you 'd huv thought a choc ice wouldny have melted in her mouth the wey she cam' in clutching her quarter of matinee mixture quite the cats pyjamas her fur collar swagger .
19 finishes , we are talking about the , the whole of north China right the way through Manchuria
20 The quality of obscenity inheres whenever the article would tend to corrupt its actual or potential audience ; the degree of that corruption becomes relevant when it is necessary to balance it against the public interest , if a " public good " defence has been raised under s4 of the Act .
21 Family conflict and family tension certainly affect children 's mental health ( Rutter , 1981 ) and in assessing the impact of the loss of a parent through death and divorce it was the distortion of family relationships not the disruption of the bond with the parent in divorce that was critical ( Rutter , 1981 ) .
22 A recommendation to demolish the block of 1930s-vintage flats where the family lived is due to go to the council 's housing committee on 5 April .
23 But if the expected rate of inflation changes then the Phillips curve will shift .
24 This sense of unreality marks only the opening stage of this doubt .
25 Apollinaire felt that he had achieved simultaneity in his poèmes conversations , where ‘ the poet at the centre of life records somehow the lyricism around him ’ .
26 We have had a number of computer failures where the computerisation has resulted in loss of information and much more important for the taxpayer , losses to the taxpayer . ’
27 1990 saw an increase in the number of Tribunal hearings when the Central and Area Headquarters ' representatives attended 127 Entitlement and 86 Assessment Appeals .
28 First they measured the background — the number of gamma rays in the natural environment such as those produced by the concrete in the laboratory and compared it with the number of gamma rays when the electrochemical cell was present .
29 We in the world campaign which has so far tried to stop armaments to South Africa and its nuclear build up we want to work if possible to build a common security er , arrangement in the region where peace will be everywhere if we can make it everywhere because the region has got so many weapons and arms and military expenditure is very easy to increase when you have growing number of nation states where the people really need food and development .
30 The area HLNM ( the amount of trade diversion i.e. the higher price paid for original imports of CD ) may be compared with the net welfare gains .
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