Example sentences of "[noun sg] of [art] year [adv] the " in BNC.

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1 The case of Malcolm Fairley , known as ‘ The Fox ’ , was the most widely reported court case of the year where the offence of rape was the main charge .
2 It was the end to a protracted period of trauma and uncertainty for the management and employees of the company , which had begun at the beginning of the year when the rumours that Gardner Merchant was for sale had begun to circulate .
3 ‘ Samain is the one night of the year when the Bright Palace is vulnerable .
4 JULY is the season of the year when the sound of the flute is heard in the land and a section of the population migrate up and down the streets going cuckoo .
5 At the turn of the year both the British Foreign Office and the cabinet even briefly considered the option of a closer association with the Western Europeans .
6 By the end of the year even the serious newspapers were discussing the constitutional implications of divorce .
7 This led to the usual talk of dismissing coach Luis Gradin , the man in charge throughout this period of successive defeats , but he will stay on at least until the end of the year when the present Argentine RU committee changes .
8 ‘ They chose the busiest time of the year when the Christmas rush is on and that makes it even more appalling .
9 However , there is one time of the year when the stakes are much higher and the rules are correspondingly different .
10 Well the advice Mrs then is if you know what variety it is and you know it 's a variety tough enough to grow outdoors like er Peregrine , then send protection at the susceptible time of the year when the blossom 's out , otherwise er if it is a tend a more tender variety we do n't think er the thing is going to survive and certainly not going to fruit .
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