Example sentences of "[noun sg] of [art] [noun] then the " in BNC.

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1 For example , if a stepping motor is used to drive the carriage of a teletype then the system must come to rest for the printing of each letter .
2 This confused me until I realised that the more shadowy the figure of the ex then the greater her power , because no-one can compete with a phantom .
3 If the solicitor takes advantage of the option then the office monies must be transferred to the office account within seven days .
4 Nationally , the polls suggest Labour is still short of the unprecedented swing needed to guarantee an overall majority , although if mood — particularly among the politicians and media most closely associated with the campaign — is a pointer to the outcome of the election then the Tories have lost .
5 It should be noted that if only one of the shareholders of the company is not connected to a director or manager of the company then the exemption will be unavailable to both the vendors and the purchaser .
6 The more that addiction comes to be understood and accepted as a disease beyond the control of the sufferer then the less acceptable or defensible will be dismissal .
7 If the balance conditions are independent of the frequency of the supply then the use of a nonsinusoidal source poses no balancing problems , the harmonic components of potential being balanced whenever the fundamental components are ( see section 11.1 ) .
8 The case is also authority for the fact that if the premises are out of repair at the commencement of the term then the tenant would be under an obligation to repair them .
9 If you do not have the authority to enter the new version of the package then the following message will be displayed :
10 If in the year in which the benefit is given to the taxpayer the amount of the relevant income is less than the amount of the benefit then the individual is only taxed on the amount of the relevant income but in subsequent years he can be further charged if there is further relevant income but never in excess of the amount of the benefit ( s740(2) ) .
11 If the strength of the interface is greater than about one-fifth of the general cohesion of the material then the interface will not be broken , the crack will cross it and the material will behave as a normal brittle solid .
12 If this expansion is insufficient to accommodate the increased productive potential of the Community then the relevant scale economies may well be achieved by some rationalisation of existing production units .
13 If Mark is the main source of the Gospel then the date of Luke must be later than his .
14 Now in Oxford erm we actually do n't have any land like that , and the problem was that , even if we had self-build houses on the land which is available at the moment , on which we want to build council houses but we have n't got the money to build council houses , if we were to allow self- build to go ahead on those sites because of the value of the land then the sorts of people who would actually be able to afford them would not be people on low incomes , or even sort of low to medium incomes , they would actually be people who were fairly well off and therefore not the people that we would want to be directing our resources at .
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