Example sentences of "[noun sg] [prep] a [noun] [adv] the " in BNC.

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1 It would be expected that if there was no right field advantage for a stimulus then the RFA would be aproximately 0.5 as the values for the left and right visual field would be about the same .
2 Or was he addicted to the game Striker as a kid where the goalie adopted a similar position ( mine always seemed to do a Sprake and throw the ball back into my own net ) .
3 Yes , there 's always been a genuine interest in the Arts Association as a point where the university , those people involved in the university , can hear about what 's taking place in the arts and also participate in some aspects of the advisory panels .
4 In view of the high incidence of these arrangements in Leeds , and their adoption and dissemination during a period when the massive resourcing of PNP appeared to have little impact on reading test scores , it might be worth carefully pondering HMI 's finding , referred to towards the end of the previous chapter , that
5 With the professors ' backing , disaffected St Petersburg students tried to set up a " free university " at the beginning of 1862 , but they gave up the attempt after a month when the government arrested a professor for lecturing in a supposedly provocative manner on the upcoming national millennium .
6 For example , if a stepping motor is used to drive the carriage of a teletype then the system must come to rest for the printing of each letter .
7 The latter had a mere twelve members but nevertheless carried weight in a situation where the Callaghan government was in a technical minority in the House and in danger of imminent defeat .
8 He was in Hollywood by 1915 in time to see Griffith at the height of his powers , and in a sense Vidor was always to remain a representative of the Griffith era ; he was to become Hollywood 's token Progressive in a period when the main energies of that phenomenon had been exhausted .
9 Clearly a major problem in controlling corporate crime is raising victim and public consciousness to a level where the community desires and supports a policy of more active and effective state control and regulation .
10 Dicey described how , when ‘ Voltaire came to England — and Voltaire represented the feeling of his age — his predominant sentiment clearly was that he had passed out of the realm of despotism to a land where the laws might be harsh , but where men were ruled by law and not by caprice ’ ( Dicey , 1959 : 189–90 ) .
11 As in all business calculations , the cost of obtaining such information needs to be balanced against its benefits , ( and against the consequences of limiting the search to a point where the forecaster does not know whether the information foregone is more or less than marginally useful ) .
12 The game at Rangers ' ground could begin to dominate Shearer 's thinking at a time when the only other striker available to Roxburgh , Hearts ' John Robertson , is carrying an injury from Saturday 's win over Falkirk .
13 The court has before it two appeals which raise the same point of law , that is to say , can a child who is born alive , but suffering from disabilities occasioned by negligence on the part of the proposed defendant at a time when the child was en ventre sa mère and unborn , maintain an action for damages for negligence against the defendant .
14 Many factors will influence the timing of the offer including the following : ( 1 ) The offeror will not wish to announce a contested bid at a time when the target company is about to announce record results or a greatly increased dividend ; research on this possibility will be required .
15 The aggressive marketing of seats to foreign cosmonauts on short duration Soyuz flights to the Mir space station in order to recoup some of the costs [ see pp. 37437 ; 37932 ; 38219 ] was also unpopular among many officials involved in the space programme ; they felt that it devalued the space programme at a time when the Zenit and Energia super boosters remained grounded with technical problems [ see p. 37797 ] and the first manned mission of the Soviet Buran shuttle had been postponed , at least to 1993 .
16 Hobhouse concerned himself directly with the evolution of mind at a time when the behaviourist dogma had not yet arrived to inhibit such a discussion .
17 The fact that Barilli has recently shown a keen awareness of contemporary art trends may help his candidacy at a time when the Biennale has reaffirmed its commitment to the documentation of contemporary art .
18 Witches were also accused of using herbs to ease the pain of labour at a time when the Church held that pain in childbirth was the Lord 's punishment for Eve 's original sin .
19 ‘ The KPNLF is anxious to put on a show of force at a time when the US Congress is debating future aid to the non-communist resistance factions . ’
20 The criteria for assessment of a return i.e. the balance sheet , could only be results .
21 One is led to the conclusion therefore that the husband should convey as beneficial owner ; he is very often conveying the former matrimonial home as part of an agreement whereby the wife releases her rights to further claims for capital , and as such he could be said to be receiving valuable consideration from her and it is established that a vendor selling under compulsion should stand in the same position as a contractual purchaser under an open contract ( see Re King [ 1962 ] 1 WLR 632 and Emmet on Title above ) .
22 It becomes a rite of separation into an area where the detective 's need to ‘ juggle with statistics and detection rates ’ is diametrically opposed to the constantly voiced uniform preference for action which is simply programmed to ‘ nail the prig down ’ .
23 Was she the only person in the world who felt that love was too precious a commodity to cheapen by offering it as a stake in a game where the prize was emotional titillation ?
24 ‘ Escape ’ was defined as ‘ escape from a place where the defendant has occupation or control over land to a place which is outside his occupation or control . ’
25 Charming lounge bar in a house once the home of Christopher North .
26 There was a kiln to dry the corn in an area where the damp climate gave a short season for harvesting and a mill , where the grain was processed .
27 Whether or not , as Heath reported , the Vietnamese were turning increasingly to the US for advice and assistance in a situation where the Governor of Annam was n't speaking to the Prime Minister — who was being kept on .
28 A child in a world where the Angel had gone .
29 ‘ Nominative not objective pronoun in a comparison where the verb is understood . ’
30 At one point they stopped to smoke a chillim in a glade where the conifers were thinner and dense clumps of feathery-leafed bamboo had spread across the open spaces .
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