Example sentences of "[noun sg] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 Ricky was so furious with Perdita for deliberately sabotaging her scholarship that he gave her the sack .
2 I was n't sure if this was a reproach that he deserted her the rest of the year .
3 His appearance in the Toyota World Match Play at Wentworth in October was his 17th in succession and it gave him the chance of winning the title for a record sixth time .
4 working on the stage musicals then were n't er if you 'd not had your tea and you brought something the commissar would eat them .
5 Then I , I put it in a saucepan and I stewed it the next
6 The car of the future and they call it the ’ Urbanizer . ’
7 ‘ The wave is my lover and she gives me the ultimate orgasm . ’
8 David Walton , 40 , who received the aircraft today from Air Commodore David Hurrell , said : ‘ The likelihood of the aircraft taking to the sky again is fairly remote but it will be preserved in its current condition and who knows what the long term future holds .
9 In what seems a somewhat specious argument , she urges Leo to bathe with her in the fire so that their mortal sins may be purged : but although the fire at first seems to do her no harm as she shows him the way into it , the self-seeking nature of her love becomes evident as her ageless beauty is destroyed :
10 I remember him taking me for a drive in his car when he told me the joyful news about his forthcoming marriage to Rosemary and feeling so happy that he was going to be happy .
11 ILL-MANNERED Tories booed , hissed and slow-handclapped Brighton 's Labour mayor as she told them the hard facts of life in Major 's Britain .
12 The Court of Appeal held that he had appropriated the goods for the purposes of theft when he showed them the goods and invited them to buy .
13 All the same it was hard to restrain her pleasure when he called her the following evening .
14 So it 's a very great honour and privilege for me to address you today because at the end it may be difficult for you to understand but when I return to South Africa , and forgive me for speaking personally I also realize the full meaning of the support of British trade unions and the labour movement and the churches because it was because of your political material and particularly in the case of the G M B , financial and material support that it gave us the means to do what some of us wanted to do about our country and our situation , and bring about change if we could peacefully .
15 Well I mean it 's gone much beyond that I mean they the reality of the situation is er is not like that I 'm afraid I mean it Eighteen men have been sacked and and these are men that have put those quarries where they are .
16 what would happen if you , let's have a look at G , depends on , what would happen if you were still paying fifty pence , but they gave you four hundred , four hundred grams of chocolate , well you get eight grams per penny , this is another test that you got it the right way up , if it were still only two hundred grams , but you payed more money for it , let's say they charged you a pound , I think you 'd get less grams per penny .
17 On tonight 's match , Cooper said : ‘ There 's a lot at stake and it gives us the opportunity to put things right . ’
18 Nine years have passed since my divorce and I tell myself the half-forgotten betrayals and deceits are old news .
19 and a half , one over two the reciprocal of a half if you turn it the other way round it 's two over one
20 Well I 'll never forget when we were younger , we had erm some Americans living across the road and they invited us er somehow I was in the kitchen , they were going to give me lunch and she gave me the most enormous
21 The Sheriff asked me the same question and I gave him the same answer as I have you . ’
22 But do n't call the law unless they give me the black spot , or if you see the seaman with one leg — he 's worse than any of them . ’
23 Different respondents may use different frames of reference unless we tell them the purpose of the rating procedure .
24 We listened to the hon. Member for Derby , South when she gave us the present status of Beckett 's laws — a pledge to increase pensions and child benefit , to which the new manufacturing package has been added .
25 There was a slight delay as she read it and then her head slowly turned in my direction and she gave me the biggest grin I 'd ever seen .
26 Pressure on the pound lightened yesterday as financial markets decided to suspend judgement until they heard what the Chancellor had to say , a mood which was reflected among Conservative representatives .
27 To mark his disapproval of my doing so he gives me the wrong ticket and some change , of which the amount , as far as I can see , bears no relation to any previous transaction between us .
28 I , I can remember all the activity and er when it was erected there was a fella from the First World War , he lost a leg in the war and he was in charge of the billiards room and the tables , when they built the club itself the front part used to be devoted to card games and then they installed a billiards hall and the tables and as I say a chap named he used to live in Street , but he was , a lost a leg during the war and they found him the job of looking after the tables and marking
29 And I said I said so I told her the registration and she gave me the room number but she said .
30 A large fish on his or my line was always an occasion for excitement for Edwy and he would jump into the water with his gaff if he thought it the only way to land it .
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