Example sentences of "that [pron] give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 It is with no disrespect to her that I give him preference .
2 But he complains that I give him the impression that I am holding back and am not fully committed .
3 Somebody I , ones that I give him that I thought he
4 The staff all know what 's got to be done and they go off and do it ; it 's just when jobs are different that I give them any guidance .
5 It 's always the pressure that I give myself , and I 've given myself a lot of pressure this last year ’ , she revealed .
6 Different names may be current in my area , so that I give you information on the wrong fish .
7 Do n't worry if you ca n't do it if you ca n't any of these any of these exercises that I give you by the way it 's not like homework it 's just for you to play with them to get the do them at your own pace .
8 So I 'm hoping that this system that I give you will allow you to do that , anybody been a best man at a wedding ?
9 Oh dear me so I 'm hoping that the system that I give you will allow you to deal with all those situations as well as make a longer presentation where you do have some preparation time .
10 It 's only when I 'm writing an article that I give it its proper name !
11 It can also mean " unrestrained " in the sense either of freedom to act or prodigality in giving : what Wilekin wants is that she give herself .
12 Within each schedule you need to identify the priorities and to make certain that you give them their due weight and tackle them first .
13 If customer complaints pass your desk , ensure that you give them maximum time and personal attention .
14 that you give them additional training so they
15 And I demand that you give them back this minute ! ’
16 As I said in earlier chapters , though , when you live alone two things are very important — firstly that you love and take care of yourself , and secondly , that you give yourself a treat now and then .
17 So when you 're planning your retirement , make sure that you give yourself a reasonable standard of living in terms of income .
18 That 's right trying to find work these days can be demanding and extremely frustrating so you want to make sure that you give yourself the best chance of getting a job and one way to help is to do a good application form and know how to handle yourself in an interview .
19 [ Op para ] I would ask that you give your close attention to the document relating to Costs and Funding , and let me have your instructions as soon as possible .
20 And then , turning its head to look round the workshops , it said , ‘ We do not ask of you that you give us your slaves , Robemaker , for it is vital that the Looms are kept weaving .
21 I was reading in the , in er , in that paper that you give us , you know , I was reading soaps and that
22 If you do not keep a dream diary , I strongly recommend that you give it a try .
23 And make sure that you give it the way they want .
24 After being swamped by people demanding that we give them the freebie SEAL course , we have , after long and difficult nights of deliberation , come to a decision .
25 They 're just pure-intellect machines , as well all know , but I swear that it 's not out of humanizing sentiment that we give them female names and pronouns .
26 So that there 's a kind of assessment built in there … but that piece of work goes forward in the end and is more , slightly more , formally assessed in the sense that we give them direct feedback on performance , and that runs from technical notes , director 's notes , to a very much more abstract formal assessment , which is essentially subjective , ‘ How does one feel about this piece , the atmosphere it creates ’ , … and that 's quite different from director 's notes , which can be of a technical variety to do with voice , movement , audibility , characterization , anything ; the things that are actually being described , analysed , looked at in the end …
27 They have asked that we give them a similar quantity from each department .
28 Well I understand that you get fifteen , it 's just that I 've got a lot of customer where I got business that is depending on the kind of insurance that we give them , based on what our
29 I think it 's true to say that we give it to them and we also drink it ourselves .
30 I 'm concerned that we give our three children the right education and lay down the best possible plans for the future .
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