Example sentences of "[Wh pn] have [adv] [vb pp] [adv prt] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 There are others who are n't even dancing : one who has just gone over to the veranda and plunged his hand into the vat of boiling oil so he could offer a hot puri to a child in tears : another who is standing in the midst of the dancers being continually buffeted as they come and go , and hungrily eating a plateful of raw rice grains .
2 Sir Adrian Cadbury , who has just stepped down as chairman of Cadbury Schweppes , has been appointed a member of the Takeover and Mergers Panel .
3 A middle-aged building worker who arrived at the palace — his first time in such a place — after his marriage had broken up , said , " I was a little bit disgusted , they do n't treat you as if you were just unemployed , they treat you like a person who has just crawled out of the gutter . "
4 They were all sitting there staring at me and Monsieur de Levantiére said , ‘ This is Constance , who has kindly stepped in at the last moment . ’
5 Any character who has n't hung on at least 8 feet up the stairs ( 9 feet for a Dwarf , 10 for a Halfling ) will be submerged below the filth .
6 Sir John Hall ( who has n't cottoned on to the sponsored pitch idea yet ) said after assuming the chairmanship of Newcastle United ‘ If this was a business it would have failed ’ .
7 Getting this ingredient off the drawing boards and into bricks and mortar — not to mention details such as Donald Duck doorknobs — was indeed the stuff of dreams for Stern , who has always stood up for emotional content : ‘ In my view , whether you are engaged in a theme park , a hospital , or a court house , the building should elicit some excitement . ’
8 And if memory serves ( what was she called , that girl who did the PR for Windscale , Sellafield I should say , and Aldershot FC ? ) , oh yes , Daphne Grierson , who has now moved on to greater things and is image adviser to Nigel Canada ( is that correct ? ) the teenage fiddle-player .
9 Stop listening to people , such as Mr Kinnock , who has now written out to C L Ps telling them that they should be changing the way that the unions are linked to this Labour Party , not at all .
10 She turns to the visitor , who has now subsided on to a settee .
11 ‘ Diana is an Uptown girl who has never gone in for downtown men , ’ observes Rory Scott .
12 Maggie reckons her family should be help up as a warning to everyone who has never got round to it .
13 An innocent who 'd somehow wandered down into the rat run , just asking to get bitten .
14 There was a certain cynicism in the agency girl 's eyes , but Diane was n't somebody who 'd just climbed down off the backwoods bus .
15 The man who 'd just strolled on to the terrace was tall , very lean , very dark .
16 A high powered Sierra was careering down a steep hill in Wotton under Edge.When the driver reached the bottom he lost control and ploughed into the women who 'd just got out of their parked cars .
17 There was a desert island room , a medieval castle , a railway Pullman carriage , a dungeon , a school classroom , and a hospital ward for those who 'd never grown out of playing doctors and nurses .
18 The next minute , he was the teasing , confident extrovert who 'd calmly stripped off in front of her in his bedroom that night .
19 Others present included Lord David Cecil , who had lately come back to Oxford to teach English Literature at New College , and Adam Fox , the college chaplain .
20 It was a programme about the ( then ) proposed orbital cities , and even boasted an interview with a very youthful Ewan Famber , who had just passed out from the Tech-Green High College weighed down with honours and acclamations .
21 It must have been legal , ’ said the Archdeacon , who had just caught up with the conversation .
22 And then she saw to her amazement that the man who had just climbed down from the cab was knocking on her door .
23 A Dessie Edgar corner was neatly side-footed home in 79 minutes by Victor Welch who had just come on as a sub .
24 They were the weavers followed by a few tottering sailors who had just come out of another tavern .
25 There was nothing visible downstairs where we were , so immediately went up the stairs at the side to the production level where the blast had come from , and there we met a group of people who had just come out of the control room and they were cut and suffering from shock 'cos the blast had obviously well it d nearly blown the control room apart .
26 It 'll change as you get older erm you wo n't necessarily just have that all the time we used to run these courses for students who had just come out of college and they were joining their company to work for the first first time and we used to do this and we used to find that many of the people who had just taken out the job for the first time had very very flat scores .
27 When she had finished she turned to Nara , who had just come back with the things she needed and was peering round the door , as if he was too scared of her magic to come right in .
28 ONLY a dealer who had just come back from a weekend in the Kalahari desert would have been surprised to hear of yesterday 's agreed £337.6m bid by MB Group for Caradon , the Twyfords and Everest building products group , so comprehensive has been the pre-match publicity .
29 At last week-end 's ICA conference , the film generated a single comment , from a producer on Channel 4 's Out series , Claire Beavan , who had just come back from America where she was making a programme about Hollywood homophobia .
30 Brown Owl called out anxiously to Mr. Gordon , who had just come down to the gate leading into the Brownies ' meadow .
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