Example sentences of "[Wh pn] have [adv] [vb pp] back [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Others present included Lord David Cecil , who had lately come back to Oxford to teach English Literature at New College , and Adam Fox , the college chaplain .
2 When she had finished she turned to Nara , who had just come back with the things she needed and was peering round the door , as if he was too scared of her magic to come right in .
3 ONLY a dealer who had just come back from a weekend in the Kalahari desert would have been surprised to hear of yesterday 's agreed £337.6m bid by MB Group for Caradon , the Twyfords and Everest building products group , so comprehensive has been the pre-match publicity .
4 At last week-end 's ICA conference , the film generated a single comment , from a producer on Channel 4 's Out series , Claire Beavan , who had just come back from America where she was making a programme about Hollywood homophobia .
5 With no casualties to deal with , but with new staff and better equipment our doctors settled down to work with a will for the children from ‘ Peabody buildings ’ at the back of the hospital who had either come back from evacuation , or who would not go anyway .
6 Most of them are ex-soldiers , many from the Afghan campaign , who have not settled back into civilian life .
7 John 's there with his mate Paul , who 's just got back from work .
8 An Oxford aid worker who 's just come back from the Croatian capital Zagreb , says the situation there is getting out of hand .
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