Example sentences of "i can show [pron] " in BNC.

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1 No , I can show myself out !
2 I can show him .
3 I can show them a robot animal and they wo n't go crazy .
4 It 's probably one that picks up conversations in the room as well as just on the phone but I can show it to the boys at — ’
5 I can show you the broken elastic in my tracksuit if you like .
6 Looking back and seeing him trudging so patiently and you catch up , I can show you where Dad and I took the hare . ’
7 ‘ Look , I can show you where he is if you like .
8 I can show you where he hangs out — on the Isle of Mona — but do n't let on I told you .
9 I 'm sure I was here at a party once and in fact I can show you the spot on the rug where I … ’
10 I can show you . ’
11 I can show you the place , ’ the man offered .
12 I can show you the memorandum she gave me . ’
13 I can show you hawthorn , beech , oak , ash , elderberry and sycamore ; after that I have to take a leaf home and look it up in a book .
14 ‘ Is there anything more I can show you ? ’
15 left in an oasis for all these I can show you it 's also having I 've some nice red carnations which I shall They 're er not fringe fringed are they ?
16 But we 've found out er that we have er we still keep our programme erm I can show you my programme book .
17 I can show you now erm what I bought with my divi and we had a speaker at the Guild er on stainless steel and er he , wh you know when they asked questions you said well how do we , how do we clean it ?
18 I said what I do is if I 'm going , I know say , Fridays , I 'm going shopping , gon na be out nearly all day , put , put it in the tide in , it comes out and I can show you my teapot , it 'll be , it is clean now .
19 I can show you my grandchild .
20 " I can show you how , " he promised , " but we would have to hold on to the back of a chair . "
21 I can show you how to manage that .
22 ‘ That way I can show you Buckingham Palace and the rest of the sights from the air .
23 I can show you the statements later . ’
24 I can show you castles and palaces — ’
25 I can show you photographs of them in the Loch here .
26 I can show you it .
27 I can show you . ’
28 And certainly we have kept the amou the amount of administration down to a bear minimum if I can show you .
29 Right well , I think I can show you a way on how to go about that .
30 Erm , having said that , I think lecturers tend to accumulate these things over time and this is the first year I 've run this course so I do n't have a great stock of things I can I can show you .
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