Example sentences of "and 10 [unc] cent " in BNC.

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1 Ninety per cent are very poor and 10 per cent are very rich . ’
2 Marcos , it is said , tried to set up a foundation last year to launder - sorry , deposit — the funds to benefit Filipinos , minus a 10 per cent cut for his greedy relatives and 10 per cent for the Vatican .
3 The two cities indirectly hold more than 17 per cent and 10 per cent of MBB which could be enough to stop the merger , observers said .
4 Twenty per cent of smokers in the MORI surveys deny passive smoking is harmful , and 10 per cent believe smoking does not cause fatal diseases .
5 Volvo now owns 20 per cent of Renault 's car division , with the French company owning 25 per cent of Volvo Cars and 10 per cent of AB Volvo .
6 It is available on home loans of between £40,000 and £150,000 , where payments are deferred on 20 per cent of the loan in the first year and 10 per cent in the second .
7 In the constituency section figures are less certain , but Mr Davies 's supporters calculate around 23 per cent for him , 27 per cent forMr Field and 10 per cent for Ms Wilson .
8 Experiments in pickling different alloys of copper and zinc have shown that only alloys with between 2 and 10 per cent of copper in the zinc will take on the black patina , and the silver and brass inlays are unaffected by the pickling solution .
9 Thus , if one had a bronze with , say , 2 per cent of tin , where the tin content of the comparable genuine bronzes lay between 5 and 10 per cent , this would be unusual and would count against the piece but it certainly would not condemn it .
10 Britain , with a defence budget of £1,500 million a year , was actually spending an even higher proportion of its wealth on arms — between 8 per cent and 10 per cent of the Gross National Product , a third of its tax revenue .
11 In this country between 5 and 10 per cent of cases of gonorrhoea in women go on to develop a degree of tubal involvement , and only a few of these will lead to peritonitis .
12 There will be spots or sores on the mucous membranes in one third of cases , and 10 per cent will have signs of involvement of other parts of the body including the eye , nervous system , bones , or internal organs .
13 On the other hand , if there are no others in the field , an offer of , say , 2½ per cent less than the asking price could be made ; and if the house is somewhat overpriced , try an offer between 5 and 10 per cent less than the asking price and see what the reaction is .
14 By 1885 Nottingham had over 2,000 machines at work in steam-powered factories , and 10 per cent of the whole county 's population was employed in the lace industry .
15 He eventually found that the ideal mix was 55 per cent Polled Lincoln Red , 35 per cent Polled Beef Shorthorn ( he had also succeeded in polling the latter ) and 10 per cent Aberdeen Angus , which improved the qualities he desired without reducing size and liveweight gains .
16 Savannas also occupy 60 per cent of Australia , 45 per cent of South America and 10 per cent of India and Southeast Asia ( MM Cole 1986 ) .
17 It contributed no more than 20 per cent of the lead in the blood of adults and 10 per cent in children .
18 The group is now trying to encourage members to increase their commitment to 1 per cent ( which still pales in comparison with the US , where there are 2 , 5 and 10 per cent clubs ) .
19 To the east of the city and across the Vistula delta the number of Poles fell to between 0.5 and 10 per cent .
20 The Centre for Alternative Technology ( CAT ) has worked out that , on average , 20 per cent of heating goes through the roof , 25 per cent through the walls , 10 per cent through the floor , 10 per cent through the windows and 10 per cent in draughts .
21 Most volcanoes emit around 60 per cent water vapour , 24 per cent CO 2 and 10 per cent sulphur , with the rest a varied mix of chlorine , nitrogen and hydrogen .
22 The explosive had been a two-ounce wafer of Semtex , composed of 45 per cent Penta Tetro Ether Nitrate ( or PETN ) , 45 per cent RDX and 10 per cent plasticizer .
23 ( Kelly 's more sophisticated approach gives figures between about 5 per cent and 10 per cent E. ) In a way it does not matter very much if our figure is not very accurate because it is seldom or never reached when testing real materials in bulk .
24 Lewis 's manager Frank Maloney returned from fruitless talks with the Bowe camp in New York to say : ‘ Bowe 's manager Rock Newman offered an immediate crack at Bowe with the purse divided 90 per cent and 10 per cent in his favour .
25 Each department was set a minimum target of 52 per cent women and 10 per cent ethnic minorities .
26 Among the total convicted population at the end of 1980 , only 11 per cent were ‘ burglars ’ and 10 per cent ‘ thieves ’ .
27 Until the coming of Channel 4 in 1982 , a very rough and varying 40 and 10 per cent audience share for BBC and 50 per cent for ITV was an implicit part of the equilibrium of the duopoly .
28 Gallup , for example , claimed that 37 per cent of voters made up their minds in the last week and 10 per cent decided on the day of the election .
29 Ineichen ( 1987 ) suggests that future projections be based upon the forward projection of two rates : 1 per cent of those aged 65 — 74 and 10 per cent of those aged 75 + .
30 Current evidence suggests that the prevalence of this disorder is about 1 per cent for the population aged 65 — 74 and 10 per cent for those aged 71 + .
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