Example sentences of "and [adv] 10 [unc] " in BNC.

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1 Programmers Dan and Kathe Spracklen , who have paced the industry Since their Sargon program won the first micro chess tournament in 1978 , believe that about 90 per cent of this progress is due to faster speeds in the evaluation routines , and only 10 per cent because the routines themselves have become more chess-intelligent .
2 Today , our lifestyles have become more busy , and only 10 per cent of us eat a full cooked breakfast .
3 of the cost of the police service comes from the Exchequer , the taxpayer , and only 10 per cent .
4 The response is usually related to that at 1kHz ; this is 10.103 per cent of the maximum and not 10 per cent as might be presumed .
5 As a result , in the sixty years from 1851 the proportion of old people living in institutions almost doubled , rising to over 7 per cent of men over 65 and nearly 10 per cent of those over 75 , and slightly over half this figure for women .
6 Ethnic minority groups account for 3.9 per cent of the economically-active working age population in Britain and about 10 per cent in London .
7 It is the more-educated people who most use complementary medicine , thus helping to dispel the idea that it is ‘ unscientific ’ and used only by the uncritical ; and about 10 per cent of clients going to complementary practitioners are referred by doctors or paramedics .
8 The port never recovered from this blow and about 10 per cent of the trade lost to Gdynia during this crisis never returned .
9 Nearly 20 per cent of the bottom third and about 10 per cent of the top chose July on each occasion , possibly because it is both one of the two hottest and one of the two sunniest months .
10 There are around three million players in Britain , but only 10 per cent of these are actually affiliated to a club and around 10 per cent of the club members are actually rated .
11 Around four million barrels ( 660,000 tonnes ) of oil were being burned each day in March 1991 , nearly three times the pre-war Kuwait output and almost 10 per cent of the world 's daily ration .
12 With over 60 per cent of households owning a VCR and virtually 50 per cent with at least two TV sets ; with 11 channels available via BSkyB 's Astra satellite , and over 10 per cent household penetration ; and video film rentals running at over 500 million per year ; the use made of a fairly stable total screen time per viewer is becoming progressively more diffuse .
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