Example sentences of "be talking to [pron] " in BNC.

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1 These guys are nudging each other , they go up to her , the music changes , and they 're talking to her , and she says no or whatever , and then the last guy walks up to her , the woman turns round , and she 's been replaced by someone wearing the same dress but she 's really fat .
2 It does mean collect , sort of , er , you 're talking to me everybody , it does sort of mean collect , anybody else ?
3 MS When do you feel you would use Patois and when would you talk as you 're talking to me now ?
4 Sit down and they , they swear to me when they 're talking to me and what have you , you know , but we can go into them without appointments , you know , we can work them in between .
5 ‘ You 're talking to me ! ’
6 Look at me when you 're talking to me I ca n't hear you .
7 Ah you 're talking to me !
8 He says it 's me wife and she 's as mad as hell , and they says yeah we can hear her from here and s must 've said summat about writing and she starts bawling and shouting , oh summat about you 've got to write I want a letter by Friday , you 're not messing me about no more , you 're not talking to him you 're talking to me .
9 See as you 're talking to me right now I can actually hear to here .
10 I do n't , I do n't appreciate the way you 're talking to me !
11 Yes , you 're talking to him .
12 Just to make sure that they think that you 're talking to them
13 right , and what you say is , as for the , you 've got to stack you on er and when you 're talking to them , right , you 've got to use these words , that 's what I was saying to you earlier , what do you prefer ?
14 ‘ Do n't ask me ; you 're talking to somebody who thought the way to make the world a better place was to become a journalist .
15 Likening the allegations against Gates to those of the October Surprise story Bush said : " You 're talking to somebody who had to prove his innocence — me — on the basis of rumour …
16 and it 's a case of er if you 're talking to somebody about pension requirement it would be a case of Mr Prospect let's just have a look , let's imagine today is the last day that you 'll be working as a carpenter .
17 Yeah but when you 're talking to somebody official you speak posh .
18 We 're talking to anybody and everybody . ’
19 ‘ But now that you 're tucked up in here , none of your mates will notice that you 're talking to us .
20 Now one of the areas we can get involved in when we 're talking to our clients is well what do they mean by cancer ?
21 And you 're talking to your mate and it 's all just happening by magic .
22 You 're talking to it at this very moment , you 're talking it out , you 're talking it down , and you want my help .
23 We 're talking to it ! ’
24 They might only be minor , but to the person you 're talking to it 's a major decision .
25 ‘ Brian , ’ Mr Sherwood calls , ‘ they 're talking to you . ’
26 ‘ They 're talking to you , are they ? ’
27 Some are completely on another plateau , you know , they 're just not in the real world ; they wander round and do n't make eye-contact unless they 're talking to you ; they just look at the ceiling all the time when they 're lecturing .
28 ‘ You can see it in their eyes when they 're talking to you .
29 Turn your back they 're talking to you say they 've been nasty and then they come back and talk to you .
30 right , and I mean they , they 're talking to you right and all the time they 're like this themselves like .
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