Example sentences of "be just beginning [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 I think you will destroy them ; you are a ruthless woman ; how ruthless I am yet to know and am just beginning to discern .
2 The bands are just beginning to drift through , but Relief is still on stage .
3 Perhaps we are just beginning to see how the brain works , but we have a long way to go .
4 Combines are just beginning to move in the midlands , with harvest start dates well adrift of last year 's .
5 In 1924 , he and his collaborator , Hilde Mangold , grafted a piece of tissue from a region in the early newt gastrula where cells from the outside are just beginning to stream inside , to the opposite side of another embryo .
6 For example , do n't choose a marathon a month away if you are just beginning to plan your training .
7 Britain 's savers and pensioners are just beginning to wake up to the possibilities of independent taxation of husbands and wives .
8 Long-wavelength infrared comes from cooler clouds that are just beginning to contract to form stars .
9 The rewards are just beginning to come through with Mercury 's contribution to C&W trading profit leaping from £4million to £14million in the six months to September 30 .
10 Five years later , people are just beginning to recognise that there are problems associated with the drug .
11 Those EIGHTs who are just beginning to read well now enjoy reading spontaneously .
12 The question of what is going on ‘ at ground level ’ is nonetheless interesting and potentially important because schools that have experience in evaluation have much to offer those who are just beginning to establish procedures .
13 There are depths to the Inspiral Carpets that even the band are just beginning to find out about .
14 Why is she fascinated by a style perfected under a dictator whose crimes the Soviet people are just beginning to understand ?
15 It is just as the nights are getting lighter when the sights of spring are just beginning to show .
16 The seeds I put in are just beginning to peep through .
17 If you are just beginning to ride , I would strongly recommend at least half a dozen lessons on the lunge before you join the crocodile of horses marching nose to tail around a school .
18 ‘ Many people who are just beginning to trace their family tree need help and guidance about what is available and how to understand and interpret the documents , ’ said Janet Smith , principal archivist in charge of public services .
19 If you are just beginning to run , this does n't apply to you just yet .
20 Delrina says it will exploit the signal processing capabilities that some facsimile modem manufactures are just beginning to build into their products .
21 A lot of people have made that mistake and the kids think ‘ Hang on a minute , we 're just beginning to like that stuff ’ , then you change to something completely different .
22 ‘ They 're just beginning to bite .
23 ‘ Mike , I 'm just beginning to wonder , ’ Wexford said wearily , ‘ if McCloy is n't a myth , a fiction .
24 ‘ Well , as I 'm just beginning to get the hang of this sailing business … ’
25 The hedges were just beginning to take a firm hold , and the lawns still showed the geometric pattern of the turfs as they had been fitted together .
26 I was mostly bored by the degree course I was doing and spent more and more of my time skiving off to extra-mural classes in Women 's Studies , which were just beginning to happen , and devouring feminist books .
27 A blackbird sang from a hazel tree with swinging yellow catkins ; buds were just beginning to open into miniature bright green leaves .
28 The man who ushered in a golden age of middle-distance running , Brendan Foster , was at the peak of his powers and the two men who were to carry it to the greatest heights , Steve Ovett and Sebastian Coe , were just beginning to emerge .
29 In the countryside beyond Adelaide , tiny villages were just beginning to emerge , and acres of land were being cultivated for garden plots .
30 The residents of Monte Samana were just beginning to stir , and the smell of strong Spanish coffee wafted from open windows and balconies as she drove along the flower-edged lanes of the complex and out of the main gate towards the village .
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