Example sentences of "be only beginning [verb] " in BNC.

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1 We are only beginning to realize the significance of stone .
2 The larger organisations are only beginning to wake up .
3 I have to re-affirm the confidence they are only beginning to find in themselves . ’
4 We are only beginning to come to terms with it .
5 We are only beginning to work out these implications and our chapters of research can only be a base for others to examine in greater detail how our theories work .
6 ‘ Our reservoirs are all topped up but we 're only beginning to see recovery in water tables , ’ says John West of Anglian Water .
7 I think we 're only beginning to know her .
8 Had the German attack been mounted on 12 February , as planned , the French , caught as it were in transit — for though now aware of the impending peril they were only beginning to bring up reinforcements — must have been overcome in a total and horrible manner .
9 Moreover , in 1973 one deputy minister of foreign trade described the deficiencies in Soviet marketing as follows : ‘ While we were only beginning to understand that before entering the marketplace we had to study it , determining which machinery could or could not be supplied where , as well as how to organise the work involved , capitalist firms had already created a whole science to deal with the question , coordinating production , advertising and commercial activity into a single discipline ’ ( N. Smeliakov , Novy mir , 12 ( Dec. ) 1973 , 216–17 ) .
10 The UK is only beginning to realise the potential of partnerships ; education has been shy to join hands with business and vice versa , but it has to happen .
11 If the fish is to be saved , the abstraction will have to be cut back significantly , at a time when the state is only beginning to emerge from seven years of drought .
12 However , in a foreword to the report , Lady Howe , the campaign 's chairman , stresses that the initiative is a long-term one and that it is only beginning to get underway .
13 Though fever and diarrhoea still linger as killing diseases in parts of southern and south-eastern Europe , and malaria was only beginning to give way before D.D.T. in 1945 these diseases now linger on only in backward districts .
14 In the earlier academic anthropology of the colonial era , which was only beginning to lose its grip when I myself became involved in the subject , we can easily discern an implicit equation which reads :
15 The tournament in the early twelfth century was a mock battle little different from the real thing : the highly organized jousting which we usually associate with such an event was only beginning to develop .
16 The fourth boy , however , slipped and fell to his knees and was only beginning to scramble upright again when the fender caught his chest with a thud that shook the vehicle .
17 The Commission was only beginning to get into its stride in 1970 when a new government was returned which was pledged to the abolition of the commission on the grounds that it ‘ had no place in a free society ’ .
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